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Mommy & Me Love the Sea Giveaway Feature: Looluh Rue

Today's featured shop for our big giveaway is

Looluh Rue

This shop is literally filled with all sorts of perfect and personalized necklaces
that are handmade by Amanda!

She creates all sorts of necklaces that speak to you, 
and even creates them just how you want them! 
They are affordable (especially with her awesome weekly feature discounts)
and you can find any color!
The necklace she's giving to the winner of our giveaway is her
"Live in the Sunshine" necklace. 

It is perfect for all you beach/ocean lovers!

I mean the watercolor mixed with that writing is just dreamy!

Who doesn't need a reminder to find the sunshine in each day? 
I know I do. 
I'm blessed beyond words.

Check out Looluh Rue and find your next jewelry treasure!
Oh and she also creates awesome prints. 
You're welcome!

Enter to win 
a "Live in the Sunshine" necklace
along with over $800 in ocean themed prizes
using the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

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