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Mommy & Me Love the Sea Giveaway Feature: Betty Dolls

Today's featured shop for our big giveaway is

My amazing friend Kristy and some of her sister-in-laws created Betty Dolls to share
their amazing hand sewn dolls.
Each doll is so unique and custom made!

I can't even believe the beautiful job Kristy did of capturing my little family
in doll form!
From my hubby's beard to Little Muppet's knot bow headband,
I think they look so spot on!

I love how intricate the stitching of the faces is!
The eyelashes, little noses, and lips
just make me want to swoon!
Kristy is so talented!

They are perfect for Little Muppet to play with because they are plush,
everything is securely attached to them,
and they aren't too small
so she can chew on them all she wants!

She actually loves to cuddle them!
And there is something so special to me about
my babe being able to cuddle a dolly that is supposed to look like me or her Pappa.
It's like I can be there with her even when I'm not.

Basically I think that these dolls are the sweetest ever.
Wouldn't these be the greatest wedding gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift?!
I love ours so much,
and you can work out your own custom order just how you want it
with Betty Dolls.

They also make mermaids!
Check out how adorable this mommy & mini set of mermaids are!
Their tail fabric is just dreamy!

To order, visit Betty Dolls on Instagram and select from their listed dolls
or DM them to create a custom order.
Their prices are incredible and their dolls are a priceless treasure!
Seriously you and your loved ones will adore them!

Enter to win 
a your own custom Mommy & Mini (large and small) set of dolls
(your choice of people or mermaids)
along with over $800 in ocean themed prizes
using the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

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