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Soul Hair

Ever since I was in the 4th grade I have been in this continuing cycle, 
 Long hair, 
 Chop and donate, 
Long hair, 
 Chop and donate, 
 Long hair, 
 Chop and donate, 
 Lo... Ok you get the idea.

I found out at some point that some of the organizations
who take hair donations, 
still end up profiting from the hair. 

Not cool. 
I hope all the hair I donated still did helped someone in need
even if it was sold to them. 

But back to the present, 
I have been hesitant to chop my hair again. 

Number one, 
I love my long hair. 
I really love it. 
I especially love having it brushed, 
which my husband is the best ever for doing.

Number two, 
I didn't want to give it away for someone else to profit financially from.

Then a friend of mine explained to me that I could sell it.
I'm talking for a lot of Moolah people. 
My hair has never been dyed, colored, highlighted, or permed.
I don't blow dry it or curl it or straighten it. 
That's why it's valuable and people want to buy it. 
So off I went to see what I could do with this new information.
I sifted through potential buyers for a few months 
and finally found a buyer who I trusted 
and we worked out a great deal on my terms.

Well, my sister, Mathea, has pretty much the exact same hair as me, 
maybe even a little thicker, 
and she wanted to sell hers too. 
Once she got a few offers on it, 
we both decided it was time to go through with this.

My sister, KineBritt, also has gorgeous long hair, 
but because she had long layers, 
she needed to chop it to get it leveled out to sell in the future. 

So last Sunday we snapped some photos of our long hair
before our hair appointments. 

As we took photos, Mathea said to me, 
"It will be nice to earn some money by selling my hair, 
but I don't understand one thing. 
How will people know that I am a long hair person?
They'll only see my short hair, 
but they won't know that I have long hair.
You know... like in my soul I always have long hair."

I smiled.
I've always felt that way too. 
Everytime I chop my hair off to my chin 
I wonder about all the people I meet who don't know me with my long hair, 
because in my soul I have long hair. 

The next day, Mathea and I went to our hair appointments for the big chop.
I ended up with a 20" ponytail and she ended with a 19 1/4" ponytail.
Mathea went first and we were both in shock as our hair stylist 
(who by the way has been the one cutting my hair since 4th grade)
busily cut away at Mathea's hair. 
Not only did Mathea decide to chop her ponytail, 
she decided to try the shortest hair style she had ever had. 
As her hair got shorter, 
I saw her eyes light up. 
She loved it.
I could see that not only did she love it, 
but she was surprised that she loved it. 
It brought out her sweet and sassy personality even more. 
In the car she said, maybe I have two different hairstyles in my soul after all. 
I was so nervous to go again.
Did I have a different "soul hair style" than I thought?

Later we went back for my hair cut 
and my stylist told me if I didn't go really short that I was now a chicken. 
Go big or go home right?
I agreed to go shorter than I had ever gone as well. 
I sat in shock again as she chopped off my tresses.

Afterward I looked in the mirror completely confused at who I was looking at. 
For the next day or two, I tried different styling techniques on my very short hair, 
and grew to like it a little more, 
but the verdict is definitely in the in my soul I still have long hair. 

Here are the final results that first day. 

Told you.
She seriously rocks the short do!

When I finally got a groove of what I liked, it turned out like this...

And Pappa Bear heartily approved of my hair
(although he always seems to think any way that I do my hair is the most beautiful
and I'm ok with that). 
He's the best. :)

Oh an what happened to Kine's chop to straighten all those layers, 
well seeing as how I took her to get her hair cut the day after mine,  
but she left the country on a humanitarian trip before I could get good photos, 
you'll have to be content with this airport selfie I made her send. 

So what have I learned from all of this?
Eveyone has a certain style of "soul hair"
and some people have more than one style. 
Mine is long, 
but I am happy with it no matter what length it is! 
Long live long hair
and short hair don't care.
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