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Things I Love Thursday: Freshly Picked

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday
is featuring one my very favorite handmade businesses!

Freshly Picked

I don't even know where to start!
There are so many amazing points to Freshly Picked Moccasins!

Since the day she was born, my Little Muppet has been determined 
to kick everything off of her feet.
This includes slippers, socks, and baby shoes!

The problem with this is that she is also determined to stand up
so when we go places, 
she wants to stand on every surface
and I really want something protecting her feet!

Freshly Picked moccs are the best ever for being the one thing that stays on!
The elastic gently holds the moccs on around my babe's ankles
and I never worry when she wants to stand on anything!
She is just such a little explorer!

(these three photos taken by Rennai of Ten22 Studio)

Example: On the 4th of July we were taking photos...

when Little Muppet decided that she just really wanted to stand. 
Normally there is no way I could put her down in the dry grass, 
but with her little cherry red moccs on, 
she was able to stand and check out the scenery for a while.

Another thing that I LOVE about Freshly Picked moccs 
is that they have a huge color selection!
I love choosing colors that I know will go with lots of outfits!
Her Stone Suede moccs match just about everything!

(narwhal shorts by Mag+Pie & the three headbands above by Monroe & Harlow 
who are also a part of our big giveaway)

Whether she's relaxed or on the go, these moccs are always comfy and gentle
on my Svea's feet. 
Her Cherry Red moccs bring a pop of color to anything she wears!

Last, but not least, her moccs are durable and they last her a long time.
She fits into a pair of normal baby shoes for maybe two to three weeks tops,
however, she has been wearing her size one moccs for over three months now. 
She stands on everything and I just take a baby wipe to them if they ever get dirty
and they clean right up. 
I'd say that Little Muppet's Glacier moccs are my favorite, 
but I don't think I could actually choose!

I love to support businesses who create quality products because its their passion.
Susan and all of the Freshly Picked team members have really exhibited that 
in all that I have seen of them and in all of my interactions with them. 
Their hard work is impressive and their innovation is exciting.
I love their beautiful moccs and I'm so glad to be able to use them for Svea!
Check out their website for all of their moccs, t-shirts, and even amazing Carryall bags!

That being said, don't you want to win a pair for your babe?
Who wouldn't?!
Enter below for a chance to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccs
(your choice of color and size)
along with over $800 in other amazing ocean themed prizes!

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