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Things I Love Thursday: Landon's Toy Box

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday is featuring another wonderful
handmade shop:

Landon's Toy Box

Landon's Toy Box is one of the neatest handmade businesses for children's toys around. 
Holly creates lovely hand painted peg dolls with all sorts of tiny touches that make them just perfect!

When I discovered her shop I wanted to order the Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy 
and I asked specifically for their dress tie to be painted peach
as seen here from their current listing photo.
I LOVE when a handmade shop will customize something just the way I want it. 

Holly is all about creating these amazing little peg people just how you want them!
She even does customized families! 

I got my Elizabeth and Darcy for my Little Muppet for her first Easter basket
and she has loved playing with them. 
They are perfect for her as a baby 
and the great thing is that they will still be perfect toys to play with even as she gets bigger!

Holly was prompt in responding to me and is such a friendly person. 
To me that says a lot about her business!
She is also a hula hooping pro so...
ya she's pretty much the coolest ever. 

She has a HUGE selection of characters that range from 
fiction to nonfiction, 
disney to classic art, 
and imagined animals to real people. 

Check out Landon's Toy Box and message Holly if you don't see what you want!
She is super adventurous and loves to create new characters!

Svea loves her pegs dolls and we love Landon's Toy Box!
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