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Things I Love Thursday: Noah & Olivia

Today's edition of Things I Love Thursday
is featuring a sweet handmade shop called 

Noah & Olivia

Jeni creates all sorts of goodies for littles, 
and she creates them to your taste too!

You can choose your fabric, appliqués, crinkle add ons for toys, etc. 
Have I mentioned that I LOVE when handmade shops customize things for buyers?
Well I DO!

Little Muppet's personal favorite from Jeni's shop is the teething ring toy!

She chomps on it all day long and I love that Jeni added a little red heart per my request!

Svea also has a drool bib that matches her teether 
and she puts that to good use too!
For baby teethers and bibs with your own personal style put into them, 
great customer service, 
and satisfied babies, 
check out Noah & Olivia when the shop reopens in a few weeks!

Meanwhile Svea will be over here chewing away. 
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