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Things I Love Thursday: Peanut Brittle Art

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday
is featuring the amazing handmade (or should I say hand-painted) shop:

My sister is the oh-so-talented KineBritt of
Peanut Brittle Art!
She creates custom, unique watercolor portraits for
families, weddings, engagements, birthdays,
and just about ANY other occasion you could think of!

She created this simply perfect watercolor of my little family
for me to put in Little Muppet's Nursery.
I don't understand how she can capture the entire essence of a person
without even needing to add tiny facial features,
but somehow she does.
Her art speaks so clearly!

I love that for me she included a camera sitting in the grass
and she even included Bamse (my boy choco lab)'s white chest spot!

The fact that she can create all of this from her mind
and you don't even need a photo of all of the people together is so crazy to me!
She's brilliant in how she composes her art,
free hand sketches it,
and then paints it and outlines it.

My family loves animals,
but we would never be able to get a family photo with all of our animals in it.
Also, one of my brothers was serving a mission for our church
in Stockholm, Sweden
so we didn't have any recent photos of him with us.

From individual photos,
and clothing and color requests,
KineBritt created this masterpiece for our mom.

It is amazing!
Down to the hamster in his ball at my baby brother's feet!
The simplest strokes of her brush somehow completely
convey who each person is.

To order your own custom painting from Peanut Brittle Art
visit her Etsy shop!
She is currently on a humanitarian trip to Brazil building homes
so she will be back working on filling orders placed now
by this weekend of August 2nd. 

Enter below for a chance to win a custom watercolor portrait of up to 5 people
along with over $800 in amazing ocean themed prizes!

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