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Things I Love Thursdays - Mag+Pie

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday is featuring
the amazing handmade shop,

I have a serious thing for strawberries.
They are my favorite!
That's why my photography business is called
Freckled Lemonade Photography.

That means lemonade with strawberries in it.
If you haven't tried it,
stop reading this.

I'll be here when you get back.

Anyway, I love strawberries.
So I was THRILLED to find these adorable shorts
with a matching headband from a handmade shop called Mag+Pie!

I was a little worried that shorts wouldn't fit right
since my Little Muppet has a cute round belly
but thinner hips.

They fit perfectly!
I have seen them fit on all types of little bodies because they are patterned so well!

After washing them six times they haven't lost their shape at all.
They are soft and comfy on my Little Muppet.
They are so perfect and made in the USA!

Customer service was great when ordering and asking questions
and they shipped quickly too!

Little Muppet approved!

They have tons of adorable designs to choose from
in shorts, pants, shirts, dresses, rompers, headbands, and hats!
If you are looking for an adorable outfit for your little one,
head on over and check out

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