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Mommy & Me Love the Sea Giveaway Feature: Lucy Darling Shop

Our final featured shop today for our big giveaway is

Lucy Darling Shop

This simply adorable shop created by Haily
includes monthly stickers for babies, 
pregnant bellies, 
art prints, 
and more!

When I was pregnant with Little Muppet
I loved the idea of taking monthly photos of her as she grew.
I mean, come on,
I'm a photographer.
Like I'm not going to take a million photos of my kids.

and have loved taking photos of her wearing them each month.
I've been scrapbooking them after I use them too!

When I saw that Haily and her team had designed an ocean themed set of stickers
and added ocean prints to their shop,
I wanted to share them so badly in my giveaway!
Not to mention, that Lucy Darling shop is local to me in AZ,
so I really wanted to share them with my friends!

My Little Muppet modeled the "Snorkeling Adventure" stickers
this month and they are precious!
So are those thighs.

Let's pretend she's actually not six months
and she isn't going to grow anymore.
It's going too fast!

(Hair bow by Half Pint Kids) (Bracelet by Lucky Sage Shop - also a part of our giveaway)

These adorable prints are also going to be making a debut in Little Muppet's nursery
next week when the giveaway ends,
so be sure to check back to see how I styled them!

Check out Lucy Darling Shop for the sweetest stickers
and prints!
They make the best baby shower gifts too!

Enter to win 
your own set of "Snorkeling Adventure" stickers,
and "I Love Whales!"
 "I Love Sea Life!"
and "I Love Sharks!" prints,
along with over $800 in ocean themed prizes for mommies and littles,
using the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

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