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Mommy & Me Love the Sea Giveaway Feature: Shelly Sea Design

Our second featured shop today for our big giveaway is

Shelly Sea Design

Shelly obviously shares the same passion for the ocean as I do
because I just about fell out of my chair when I saw this watercolor
that she painted
called "Heart of the Sea."

It really spoke to me
and I may have even gotten a little weepy
thinking about my little girl growing up to explore this world
and seek out its true treasures and mysteries.
I knew that I needed to have it in Little Muppet's nursery.

Stay tuned to see how I styled the print in Svea's nursery!
It will be posted on the blog here
when the giveaway ends!

In the meantime you need to go check out Shelly's work!
Her blog is full of inspiration!

Shelly's shop has prints, bookmarks, cards,
photography, and more,
so go take a look!

Enter to win 
your own "Heart of the Sea" print
along with over $800 in ocean themed prizes for mommies and littles,
using the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

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