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Things I Love Thursday: Bannor Toys

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday
is featuring family-owned-and-operated, handmade shop:

I first found Stacey of Bannor Toys on Instagram
and pretty much immediately fell in love with her work.
I love the toys she makes with her family
and the love that goes into each hand crafted one.
I knew that when I had my Little Muppet,
she was going to need one of their personalized rattles to play with.

It has turned out to be one of her very favorite toys.
It helps her practice dexterity
and she loves the rattling noise it makes.
Yet at the same time,
the rattling is not constant or obnoxious so I don't mind it one bit!

I'm glad that she has a taken a liking to it
and it's a go to playtime choice!

I love the Svea's rattle has her name on it!
It adds such a personal touch,
not to mention I also got to choose the colors to go inside,
so those match a lot of her things as well!

Go check out Bannor Toys for all sorts of neat wooden toys
including rattles, blocks, cameras,
cars, teethers, and more!
Support a sweet family in continuing their passion
and find the neatest toys for your babe.
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