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What I'd Tell You Over Lemonade

My Little Lady,

It's so sweet of you to join me for a little imaginary strawberry lemonade party on this sun shiny day. Darling, I am amazed at all the things I want to tell you even though you are so tiny. 

I want to tell you how wonderful and lovely you are. Every inch of you is lovely. God created such a perfect little body for you and I hope you don't let the world convince you otherwise. Us girls are always harder on ourselves than we should be for our physical appearance but I hope you have many many moments where you are grateful for your body and all of its capabilities.

 I want to tell you how brilliant and creative you already are. Just because you might do things differently in your life than others, doesn't mean you're doing them wrong. Use your ideas, you ingenuity, and your unique abilities to shape your life and your actions. Mold them into a life filled with your passions and your purpose. 

I want you to know the difference between right and wrong. I try to show you by my example how to treat others, but I am so imperfect. I know you will be better than I am. I can see it in your soul when you light up the room and fill faces with smiles. If there is one thing I know that I can teach you, it is to always try. 

I want you to tell you that one of the greatest things that you can do in this life is continue to bring joy to those around you! You are filled with a happiness that is contagious and you are so good at sharing it! You never hold back just because you don't know someone or because you are tired. You always manage a smile for everyone, animals included. I think it's because you love to see the joy they respond with. I hope you always strive to bring them that joy. It is a specific talent of yours.

I want to tell you that life is not easy. I wish you could always be six months old laying on a baby blanket with me, but you'll grow into a life that is full of sorrows, adventures, frustration, triumphs, trials, and love. Press forward through the heart ache, my little one. Cling to your hope of what is to come and your faith in all that is good. Your spirit is incredibly strong. 

I want to tell you that knowledge can give you freedom. Seek out the best knowledge. Knowledge that will strengthen you, bring you light, and give you clarity. You cannot take your worldly possessions with you when you leave this life, but you can always keep your knowledge. It is one of the greatest gifts we can have. 

Finally, I want to tell you that there is nothing more important than for you to know how loved you are. I love you more than anything else in this world, except your Pappa. It was from my love for him and his love for me and our love for our Heavenly Father that you were born. Your Pappa loves you so much. The greatest love of all, is the love that your Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ, have for you. Your Heavenly Father sent His Son to live and die for you so that you could return and live again with Them someday. He gave you all that you have. Your Savior gave His life for you that you would never need to traverse this life alone, that you would never make a mistake too grave, and that you would never stray too far for His loving arms to reach you. He waits for you always and no matter what. He can guide you through life each day if you let Him. 

You are my everything, Svea Elaine. I have given so much to be your mother and I would do it all again. You are the greatest choice I ever made and you are the greatest thing I ever helped create. I hope someday you can look back at this and know that these things are true.

Love Always,

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