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Why I Didn't Blog Last Week - A First for Everything

There's a first for everything.
So they say. 

However much I wish that they were wrong, 
they (whoever they are) are right (in this instance). 

Last week when we arrived home from a week and a half long trip,
that included a pit stop to visit my best friend and a huge family reunion,
I was dismayed to find my sweet Little Muppet was becoming ill. 

After living in a house with over 50 people in it for a week, 
it's no wonder, 
but it was so sad nonetheless.

There was a lot of coughing, 
trying to breathe, 
and sleeplessness. 

Each night, all night long, I would doze for ten minutes at a time
and then bolt upright to listen her after she would wheeze to make sure she kept breathing.

My normally very active and playful baby 
was exhausted and didn't want to do anything at all.

I ached for her. 
My heart broke with her sad little coughs and sneezes 
as her body struggled to rid itself of germs. 

I suctioned and wiped her nose, 
filled and refilled the vaporizer, 
sang to her, 
checked fevers, 
and nursed her to her heart's content. 

For several days this went on. 
Then just as it was clearing up, 
it was time for her vaccinations, 
and another two days of sleeping, crying, and fevers ensued. 

By the time she was finally feeling like herself, 
I was sick!

My happy little one was ready to play
and have adventures, 
and all I had the strength to do was stay in bed 
and try to entertain her there. 

I guess what I took away from it all was this:

God bless mothers who have children who are sick long term. 

It was so hard for me to watch my baby be sick,
so painful for me to see her unable to be her full, healthy self. 
I cannot even imagine what that would be like for a longer period of time
at a more severe or fatal level. 

I've found myself thanking my Heavenly Father more that my little one is healthy
and praying more for the mothers in the world
whose little ones are not so healthy. 
Their fight is one that is worth supporting.

I am truly blessed. 

In the spirit of this motherhood learning moment, 
I'm preparing something special for my shop for next month. 

In September, 
in honor of the fight that so many families are fighting with cancer, 
I will be featuring a gold item with 20% of all proceeds going to Cancer research. 
Keep an eye out if you'd like to support my handmade shop 
and also support so many families who need cancer to be stopped in its tracks.
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