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Letter to a Six Month Old

Dear Svea, 
 You are now SIX months old. 
That's half a year old! 
I'm going to move past that thought before I burst into tears.

I love all of the things that I've been able to watch you learn, 
and help you experience this past month. 

You have the cutest almost rolls on your arms
and your thigh rolls just make me swoon!
You're so perfect. 

At your 6 month doctor appointment, 
the doctor said that you are now in the 70th percentile for height, 
and the still in the 60th percentile for weight. 
You are just over average weight, 
but you are finally starting to even out in height like I guessed you would. 
I'd really be ok with you not being taller than me. 

This month you have just recently learned how to sit up all by yourself, 
and you've started popping up on all fours and rocking back and forth. 
You are still not mobile besides rolling, 
but if I had a guess, 
I'd say that's going to be very short-lived. 
You're so active that when you pause to snuggle me
or nap on me I find myself soaking it up and wishing it would never end.

You like to do this pose when you are on the ground 
and you want to see what's going on. 
You tilt on your side and balance with your arm on your hip. 
Aunt Sampson and your Adopted Grandma Mary call it the
"Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls" pose. 
I laugh every time you do it!
I mean look at this pose combined with that face!

Your hair is a light sandy brown that is teetering on the edge of becoming blonde. 
Your eyes are still a deep blue.
It will be fun to see what happens!

Speaking of those eyes, 
one look from them and your Pappa is a goner.
He'll give you the world, Little Muppet.

You've been babbling even more this month
and we even got a few hearty giggles out of you. 
You smile all the time, 
but vocal giggles are still not a common occurrence. 
Pappa and I are determined to find the thing that makes you bust up laughing. 
When you talk, one of the things you like to do is purse your lips, 
and talk in kind of a hum.
It looks like this.

One thing that you do ALL the time is scrunch up your nose, 
and blow in and out through it in excitement. 
It's pretty hilarious. 

You are also a mean (not really)
green (also not really)
chewing machine (really).
You will chew anything that gets in your way!

Sometimes when you chew something really voraciously
you make this face and it makes me think of a baby dinosaur.

I tried putting your hair into a spout ponytail for the first time this month, 
and it was a definite win. 
I can't wait to try pigtails next!
Your crazy hair is the cutest!

You are still ALL about sucking your two middle fingers.
And you are ALL about nursing too. 
You actually have a blister just inside your mouth on the left side
from all of the sucking you do. 
You've had it since you were about two months old
and the doctor said it will probably not go away until you stop nursing.

This month you celebrated your first Cow Day, 
met your Uncle Kaj for the first time, 
decided my drastic hair cut was A-OK with you (because you still manage to pull my hair),
spent more time with Magda (our Holocaust survivor friend), 
met Mrs. Hartline (my dad's 4th grade teacher), 
became my weekly IKEA buddy, 
and played a lot with your Aunts, Uncles, and puppies. 

Cow day was awesome because, 
let's face it, 
there is no cuter cow on the face of the planet. 
You were a hit with your little ears, spots, and tail. 

You don't even eat food yet, 
but the people at Chick Fil A insisted on giving you a meal.
You were just happy to be there. 

The whole gang (minus Mormor) was there to join in the delicious fun. 
It was awesome until the end when you suddenly
lashed out with your mad cow skills 
and knocked my whole lemonade all over me. 
So at least we had fun while it lasted!

When Kaj came home from his mission to Sweden, 
he was so excited to meet you!

He scooped you up and gave you a HUGE hug, 
then he looked at you. 
You both studied each other for a moment, 
he smiled, 
and then a huge smile broke out across your face. 
I knew you loved him right then. 

It was such a wonderful feeling to have him home again
and especially to have him meet you. 

When we were little, Kaj was always my best friend
no matter how much we fought. 
I remember the wrestling, 
the arguing, 
the times we tried surprising Mormor with doing nice things for her, 
the dancing in front of the huge old speakers in the living room, 
the dress up (his favorite costume was a knight), 
playing Barbies (of course he had all the cool boy ones who never wanted to get married), 
the roller blade hockey in the street,
Kaj falling asleep on me in the car...
and in moments like that I wanted to stop time.

I am so grateful to have him as my brother and my friend.
You are the greatest thing that I have ever done.
So introducing you to him filled me with joyful emotion.

All of us were so happy to have Kaj home
and eager to help him rest up and heal. 
You provided him with lots of baby smile therapy.

I think Uncle JJ was definitely happy to not be the only boy sibling home anymore!

 You've pretty much been inseparable from that time on. 
Everyone has to fight Kaj to even get a chance to hold you when we go over to their house. 
He sure does love you
and I'm so glad.

When I chopped my hair off last month with Aunt Tee tee to sell, 
I thought at least you wouldn't be pulling my hair anymore. 

Well I was wrong. 
It didn't phase you one bit, 
and you still love to reach up and give my short hair a tug
to get my attention.
I don't mind.

We spent time visiting people we love 
like Magda. 
She is at a very difficult point in her life
and is quite depressed about her situation. 
It was painful to hear the things she said
and we tried so hard to cheer her up and
show our affection. 
When Morfar sat you in front of her and let you talk,
and play with her,
her lips turned ever so slowly into the only smile we saw during the whole visit. 

I felt so humbled that I was able to contribute in a small way, 
through you, 
in bringing some happiness 
to our sweet adopted Grandma who is struggling with loneliness and sadness. 
I love her an awful lot. 

This month you also met Mrs. Hartline. 
She was Morfar's 4th grade teacher
and also watched over him with love and caring when he was a boy.
They've kept in contact all these years
and she was thrilled to meet his first grandchild. 
You were happy as could be.

It was also teacher appreciation month at IKEA
which meant that teachers got to eat for free every Monday and Wednesday 
throughout the whole month. 
Needless to say, 
we took more trips than normal to IKEA 
and you were my partner in crime and I enjoyed my free food
and perused the store. 

You enjoyed your meatball flavored milk during your subsequent feedings
and tried out the beds and the furniture. 
It really was a win win situation. 

(I mean COME ON)

Your Auntie KineBritt went on a big trip to Brazil to do a humanitarian project
and your Auntie Tee Tee went on a big trip to Canada to sight see and practice French.

KineBritt brought you and Pappa back matching Brazil World Cup jerseys. 
They're awesome and they make Pappa go all crazy and start speaking only Portuguese. 
We are working so hard on Swedish that it makes my brain hurt a little 
when a third language gets thrown in. :)

You've had a lot of fun playing with Auntie Sampson 
as she has coaxed you into trying to crawl 
and trying to entertain you. 
She is afraid you won't recognize her with glasses, 
so she makes it a point to only wear contacts when she comes over.
I know that you'd recognize her no matter what though, 
because the way you look at her, 
it's just for her. 
I can tell you love her a lot.

You've also gotten to play with Auntie Dia a lot too, 
and she is becoming quite the pro at reading stories to you!

You puppies have definitely sensed you changing
and they won't know what hit them when you become mobile.
For now they still enjoy sitting with you while you play,
giving you sneak attack kisses when I'm not looking
(during which you always laugh), 
 and letting you tug on them.

Little Muppet, 
you are my best friend in the whole world.
You and Pappa.

I love each day that I get to share with you.
You make them all better.
You make them all fuller.
You make them all worth it. 

 I look forward to more days
and months 
and years with you.
You are the best baby I could ask for,
and you'll always be my baby no matter what.


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