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Things I Love Thursday: Honest

This week I'm sharing another awesome business that I love
for Things I Love Thursday:

When I was getting close to having Svea
I started trying to figure out all of the different diaper brands,
shampoos for babies,
lotions for babies,
and cleaning products that are safe to use around babies.

Then a friend introduced me to The Honest Company
and what they stand for.

Their name "Honest" pretty much explains it all.

I LOVE that the products that I have bought from them,
for my Little Muppet,
actually have understandable ingredients,
and work so well for her!

The bath products have never stung her eyes,
which is awesome because she loves to splash
so she always gets her bath products in her eyes.

The lotion always leaves her skin well hydrated,
which was an issue with a few other brands that I tried.

Don't even get me started on how great all of the products smell on her.
What mamma doesn't love a clean, yummy smelling baby?

The diapers are also my favorite because they are plant-based,
eco friendly,
gentle and well fitted,
and have adorable patterns.

I mean strawberry bum is the cutest thing ever!
I have had a great experience with the Honest Company's customer service
and their products!

You can find out more about the Honest Company's products
and their mission at their website.
Check them out for wonderful products for your little one!

All opinions expressed above are my own and this was not an endorsed post. 
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