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Things I Love Thursday: Little Hip Squeaks

Well I'm back from the land of the sick,
and hopefully my family is done with having colds for a while.
This week, I'm excited to share another awesome business that I love
for Things I Love Thursday:

I discovered Little Hip Squeaks around the same time
that I found out I was pregnant with a girl.
Oh man.

I fell in love.

I love the bold simplicity of Amy's clothing line
and the way the clothes express the realness of being a child.
Isn't that what children's clothing should do?
From hats, leggings, shorts, dresses, twirl skirts, onesies, and more,
the clothing is classy and happy!

I also learned a little about Amy herself through following
her social media, like Instagram.
I love supporting businesses of people who are real,
hard working,
set goals,
and are kind.
I definitely began to look up to Amy as the
type of entrepreneur I hope
to someday be.
I may have flipped out a little in excitement when I got to meet her
at a Freshly Picked & Little Hip Squeaks warehouse sale when I was visiting Utah.

So I knew that I wanted to pick out some cute LHS clothing for my baby girl,
but there was a lot of hard decision making involved because it's all so cute!
I settled on a few things, my favorite being an Ice Cream Dress for my Little Muppet,
and I just about squealed out loud when I put it on her.

Or should I say squeaked?
Is that why it's called Little Hip Squeaks?
Because the clothing is so cute on your kid that you squeak.
Ok, there I go being cheesy again.

Anyway, the Ice Cream Dress turned out to be adorable on my little babe.
Coincidentally, these photos are also from the very first day she ever sat up by herself.
So the dress goes with an especially lovely memory!

And let's talk about how much I want to eat Svea when she flashes me that cute belly.
"How much, Siri?" you must be asking.
It's a lot. 
Point in case.

Also, let's take a minute and laugh at the ferociousness of Svea eating her bunny's face here.
I mean that ballerina bunny had it coming. 
Ha ha ha!

She thinks she's pretty funny too.
It's healthy to be able to laugh at yourself ya know? :)

Basically, we've decided we love Little Hip Squeaks clothing!
They fit Svea longer than other clothing because they have comfy stretchiness
and they are soft on her active little body.
Go check out Little Hip Squeaks to find some adorable clothing for the kiddo in your life
and support an awesome business!

Outfits Details: Dress - Little Hip Squeaks, Moccs - Freshly Picked, Hair Bow - Half Pint Kids
Bracelet - Just an Armful of Sugar, Ballerina Bunny - Carter's 

All opinions expressed above are my own and this was not an endorsed post. 
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