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Letter to a 7 Month Old

Dear Svea Elaine,

Oh boy.
I suppose it's been another month already.
You are learning things so quickly.
I try so hard just to keep up with you and soak in every moment, 
but you are always ready to delve into the next phase of you life head first.
This picture pretty much exemplifies how you seem to feel about life...

This month you have absolutely mastered sitting.
You're all business now, 
sitting up and grabbing whatever toy you please.

You have started trying to crawl too! 
Most of the time I find you in a downward dog yoga pose
as you try to figure out why your hands won't move the way your feet do.

Sometimes you can get a pace or two, 
but you aren't fluent in the whole crawling thing yet.
Give it less than a week now and you probably will be.

You have started making the funniest gigantic smile faces
when anyone makes a barking noise.
It seems that your pups have taught you well
and you now think that they are the biggest comedians ever.
All we have to do is imitate them and it's like retelling the most hilarious joke.

This month your hair has grown longer and lighter.
It's so light that it's almost hard to see how much there is sometimes,
and it's changed to a very light brown.
I've even started playing around with pigtails and water spout ponytails.
I don't do them often though because I feel bad about you having something on your head
when you headbutt the floor. 

Your eyes have also started changing colors, 
but I can't really tell what they are changing to yet. 
They have blue in them still, just not as much.
They are, however, just as mesmerizing as ever.

Another milestone from this month was eating. 
The doctor told us that it was time for you to start eating baby foods.
You had a different opinion on the subject.

We started with carrots.
I fed you and Pappa fed you too.

Don't be fooled by the nonchalant look on your face,
you hated carrots.

We spent a full week trying to get you used to them, 
but you wouldn't budge.

So we moved on to sweet potatoes. 
You said no.
Not literally.
You can't talk yet,
but I figure pursing your lips, spitting, and crying for two hours solid
means no.

Then we tried squash.
You said no.

Then we tried plain baby cereal.
You said no.

Finally at week 2 1/2 of foods,
we handed Mathea a bowl of sweet peas to try to feed you.
I was holding you on my lap and smugly thinking, 
"Thank goodness it's someone else's turn to get spit on and yelled at."

Instead, you said yes.
Not literally,
but you scarfed down the whole bowl of sweet peas from Mathea.

In my mind it was like I could see your victory dance on my spleen.
Ha ha mom! 
I only like the one thing that someone else fed me.

Well we took the sweet pea card and rolled with it. 
I tried carrots again a few days later
and what do you know, 
you LOVED them.



Then you also loved sweet potatoes
and I was thinking,
"Wow! We are on a roll!"

Then after a week of eating veggies,

You decided you hated them all again.
No sweet peas for you.
No sir.

So we are back to square one. 
After a full week of trying to get you to eat anything, 
and you just crying your eyes out for hours,
I decided that you would probably let me know when you wanted food
and I was just going to nurse you until you wanted more.
You are still sleeping through the night
and gaining healthy weight, 
so regardless of what the doc says, 
I'm just going to let you tell me know when you're ready.

On the plus side of all this food drama, 
there were a lot more baths, 
sometimes multiple times a day,
and that is one thing you LOVE.

Bathtime is your jam.
You LOVE to splash and giggle and go after your floatie toys.

You're the cutest.
You also love to snuggle in the bath
and I could sit and snuggle you all day long in there.
It's moments like that when I sometimes feel a tear well up in my eye
and realize that I'm so happy that I don't know why Heavenly Father has blessed me so much.

This month, you discovered rain. 
Monsoons started and our house suddenly got chilly and leaky.
You were more than ok trying out your jacket that Auntie KineBritt got you
from Bolivia last year. 

Pants are a different story.
You don't always like pants.
Which reminds me a certain auntie of yours...
I won't name names but it starts with an M and ends with an Athea.
I guess you'll never know.

Outside, I would put you on the ground and let the rain sprinkle on you. 
You sat there and gave me the most curious looks. 
Sometimes you would look around like, 
"Wait, where's the bathtub?"
Turns out you love rain,
just like your mamma.

You are all about your mobile toys like your hand-me-down walker
and your door jumper. 

You can literally run at (what seems like) light speed across the house in your mobile walker. 
Your favorite place to run to is the dog's kennels.
You check if they are there
and if they are you poke your fingers through the bars 
and you can be heard squealing from laughter through the entire house.

If they aren't in their kennels, 
then you immediately start searching the house for them.
Usually you find them within a minute or so
and try to flirt with them to get them to come over to your walker.
"Here Bamse! Here Saga! Come to me! 
I promise not to run you over in my giant plastic contraption!"
That's what they hear anyway.
They love to be next to you but that walker just gives them the heebie jeebies.
Even when you aren't in it, they stay as far from it as they can.

But they love you so much, 
that regardless of the life threatening danger of the plastic contraption, 
your flirting usually works
and they will meander up to you for a kiss. 
You always know its coming and you squint your eyes shut 
and laugh before you even get kissed.
You sure do love your doggies.

Sam and Dia have been over about once a week to play with us
and you are always excited when they come.
I was a extremely excited to show them that you fit in these pink teddy bear
jammies on one visit and we were all dying from how adorable you were!

Even Bamse thought you were the cutest ever!

On another visit, we went to get pedicures for the first time since before you were born.
You were ok with it,
but only if you got to splash your toes in the "little bathtub" the whole time.
You were so mad every time I pulled you away from it.
Like, "Mamma, how is it fair that you AND Auntie Sampson, 
BOTH get to have your feet in the water, but not me?!"

I had to apologize several times to the nail lady who got splashed 
with foot water multiple times.

We also visited Don & Mary with Auntie Sampson
to watch eat dinner with them, 
but your favorite part about visiting them is always playing with Titan.
He is very protective of you
and very patient with you too.
You are lucky to have so many doggies (and people) who love you so much!

We also spent time with Aunite Tee Tee, Auntie KineBritt, Uncle Kaj, and Uncle JJ.
They are all about squishing you and loving on you
and you are all about slobbering on them and smiling at them.
It was bittersweet because Kaj and KineBritt just left for college 
and we are going to miss them a lot until they are back home.

With all the rain this month, I am pretty sure that our swimming excursion
at Mormor and Morfar's house was probably the last one of the year.
You'll miss it a lot, but at least there is still bath time.

This month also included a lot of birthday fun!
First Kaj had his birthday and we celebrated with dinner out at Red Robin, 
during which we discovered that putting an ice cube on the table in front of you
is beyond hilarious.
Sorry to whichever waiter had to clean all this ice cubes off the floor.

Then Mamma and Morfar had their birthdays!
Pappa dressed up as a big gift and had a scavenger hunt for me to find him.
You were more than happy to join in and be a birthday gift to me. 

One of my birthday gifts was an "Embrace Messy Hair" pullover so you and I were twins for the day.

For dinner we went to Olive Garden and you flirted with Morfar
and overall had a great time until you realized you were exhausted from all of the festivities.

Basically another month flew by and I tried to make time stop, 
but to no avail.
I'm so in love with you and each day that I get to spend with you 
makes me realize that I will miss this.

So for now, I let you stick you fingers in my mouth
and tug at my hair 
and I look in your eyes and I tell you over and over,

"Jag älskar dig. Mamma älskar dig."
I hope you always remember it too. 

Love Always, 

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