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Letter to an 8 Month Old

My Sweet Little Muppet,

You are now eight months old and I cannot believe
that it's been that long since you came into the world. 
At the same time, 
I can't fathom my life without you. 
You've changed everything about me for the better. 

You have absolutely mastered crawling this month 
and you can practically romp around the house like a playful little puppy. 
I am not surprised at all since you are 
always aching to be able to do the things that the grown ups around you do.
You also learned how to lay down after being in a sitting position.
For a while you would get stuck and I'd find you like this,
but soon enough you figured it out.

You are so quick to learn. 
You also started babbling a lot more this month. 
You say, Ma ma ma ma, Na na na na, and Da da da da.
I don't think you are sure what any of the words you say mean, 
but you are starting to direct your babbling at us like you are talking. 
I don't think it will be long now before you start learning specific words
and their meanings. 

Your soft light brown hair is starting to fill in more
and your eyes are now in between blue, hazel, and green. 
I can't tell what they will turn out to be. 
I just like to look into them every time I nurse you. 

Speaking of nursing, 
you love nursing and you still hate baby foods. 
No matter what I try to feed you, 
you always end up looking like this at the end of a two hour war. 

I don't really know when you'll decide eating food is a thing, 
but for now I'm ok nursing you. 
I like the time snuggling you.
Except when you fill up your mouth sometimes and then open it
just to see me leap at the milk that goes spilling all over me. 
You are a rascal, but I really love you. 

Every once in a while when you have to have a bottle of milk 
that I've pumped because I have to go somewhere, 
but your Pappa loves the chance to snuggle you too!

And don't even get me started on your lips.
The way you smile and the way you pout your lips when you are curious
are just enchanting. 

You have grown fonder of your stuffed animals
and every time I wake you I find you clinging to one of your favorites.
Usually it's one of your puppies or your white teddy bear.
It's so precious. 

The weather has been all over the place this month,
so there has been rain and sunshine, 
and I've loved starting to dress you in little hats and coats. 
You are so excited at every chance to go outside and explore in the cool weather. 
I love your enthusiasm for the world around you!

You are always so active, 
so when you occasionally get exhausted and snuggly
I have to take advantage of it. 
I could spend eternity with you snuggled into my chest, 
grasping at me with your tiny fingers. 

This month you have had a lot of adventures 
and I've loved watching you experience them. 
You got to meet your friend, Ilaria, and you were very curious about her. 
I can't believe how strange it is to see a tiny baby 
and realize that you are not that tiny anymore.
You already want to pet her and touch her
and yet I feel like you shouldn't be that aware...
You should still be a tiny infant in my arms. 

It's so bittersweet. 
At the same time, 
I love that a friendship is already forming 
as you smiled
and touched her. 

You are also best friends with little Doug at church. 
Every week you two giggle at each other, 
gnaw on each other's toys, 
and hold onto each other. 
I love your friendship. 

Your other friendships have blossomed too, 
like with your Auntie Sampson and Dia, 
your doggies, 
and your family. 

We took you to the Out of Africa Zoo
with Sampson. 
You were so excited for our trip!

We got to see tigers, lions, bears, and other huge animals!
We got to see them interact with people, 
and even eat their meals of full chickens!

You definitely weren't afraid of any of them, 
just curious!
You babbled away at all of them, 
even the giant python.

After the shows, we got to go on a safari bus ride
and feed giraffes from the windows. 
The tour guide told us to keep you back from the giraffe because
most babies cry and startle them.
Not you.
You were so intrigued by them!

We just had so much fun with you
and you were zonked by the time we left to head for home. 

Baby girl, 
every day with you is such a blessing. 
You make everything brighter and better. 

You are so happy that no one around you can help but be happy too. 
One night when Pappa and I went to dinner at Olive Garden for a date, 
you sat in your seat and played with a spoon happily for two hours!
You are just so content!

Don't get me wrong, 
you have grumpy days, 
sad days, 
and sick days,
but I love you on every single one. 

You are my sunshine. 

I love being near you and sharing this life with you. 

Love Always, 


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