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Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway Feature: Monroe & Harlow

Today's featured shop from our Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway is

Well I'm on round three of bragging about my favorite headband shop.

If you want to, you can read this post that I wrote about them
or this post I wrote about them.

I just can't seem to stop telling everyone about Monroe & Harlow,
created by the extremely talented Anikka
(yes, I finally know how to spell her pretty name - sorry it took me a while, Anikka).

Her business has grown so much since I discovered it
and I have loved seeing all of the ingenuity and special touches
she's put into her work!

Anikka's headbands are the perfect accessory to any hair style
and trust me,
I would know.

I wore them when I had long hair
and I wore them when I chopped off 22 inches
and had a pixie cut.

Now my hair is somewhere in between a pixie cut
and an actual short hair do
and I still love wearing my Monroe & Harlow to style it!

I also love matching my Little Muppet,
so I love that I can customize mommy and mini sets for us!

Svea and my current favorites are our Breakfast at Rosie's knot bow headbands!
You can choose any headband fabric with pretty much any style
like knot bow, turban, celtic knot and more!

I can't say enough good things about Anikka's amazing business!
Visit Monroe & Harlow to find the cutest headbands and
enter the giveaway below to win $25 store credit
and over $500 in other amazing prizes for mommy and mini!
Best of luck!

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