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Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway Feature: Freshly Picked

Today's featured shop for our Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway is

Freshly Picked

One of my all time favorite shops for my little lady has been Freshly Picked,
created by Susan Petersen.
A hard worker, mom, and dream follower,
Susan has been an entrepreneur hero of mine for quite a while now.
I love how she has built up her business
and done such great things with it!

I know I've already posted a Things I Love Thursday post
about how much I love her moccasins for little kids,
but I can't seem to say enough good about them!

Now that my Little Muppet has started crawling and walking along furniture,
she puts her moccasins to the test more than ever!

(Headband by Monroe & Harlow who are also a part of our giveaway)

They walk on every type of surface,
get all kinds of things drooled on them,
and get pulled and tugged by everyone.
Still they hold up, stay on her feet, protect her,
and clean easily at the end of the day.

(Dress by Little Hip Squeaks)

There are no other shoes, socks, or slippers that stay on her feet like her FP moccs do,
and she never minds having them on one bit!

There is something so special to me about the shoes
that protect my daughter through all of her adventures.
At the end of a long day,
I can see the outline of her foot on the bottom
and before I wipe it away with a baby wipe,
I take a moment and realize that all of our adventures from the day
are there in that footprint.
Someday when she outgrows them,
I will cherish that last footprint outline
and never wipe it away. 

Check out Freshly Picked for the most adorable and durable baby shoes for your little one
and other products like T-shirts and their amazing CarryAll bags.

Enter below to win a pair of moccasins in your choice of color and size
and over $500 in other amazing prizes for mommy and mini!
Good luck mammas!

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