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Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway Feature: Bannor Toys

Today's featured shop from our Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway is

Bannor Toys

 Stacey of Bannor Toys is a loving mamma and entrepreneur extraordinaire!
Her little family has created the neatest business
hand crafting wooden toys, puzzles, rattles, etc.
I love family businesses since my little shop is one,
and it's always so fun to see the dynamics that go into it!

When I started looking for good teething toys for my little lady
since she chews on everything,
their rattles looked like a perfect fit!
I even wrote a Things I Love Thursday post about them
and how much Svea loved her personalized rattle
that we got her with her name on it.  

 Later, when I started planning out Svea's playroom
I knew she would need another rattle from Bannor Toys
since it's one of her favorites.

Since I am a photographer and I LOVE to take photos of my
Little Muppet,
I decided to get her a camera rattle
with colors that match the room.

I also speak Swedish to my daughter,
so on her camera rattle I had her nickname "Little Muppet"
engraved in Swedish so it reads "Lilla Muppa."

She loves playing with it,
but I also see it as a really special keepsake as well
- a piece of wood that has a little bit of her carved into it forever.

(flower crown from Monroe & Harlow who are also a part of our giveaway)

Her rattle is perfect for carrying in my purse
or a diaper bag as a travel toy
and also is still big enough to not get lost.

We love Svea's personalized rattles!
Visit Bannor Toys to see all of their hand crafted wooden toys
and enter the giveaway below to win personalized rattle of your choice
and over $500 in other amazing prizes for mommy and mini!
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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