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Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway Feature: Tnee's Tpees

Today's featured shop from our Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway is

Tnee's Tpees

Courtney (or Teeny as her husband calls her) of Tnee's Tpees
is a mamma to her two adorable girls
and runs her Tpee business with her husband!
She is such a nice person
and I've loved seeing all of the new patterns and ideas she's come up with!

(Unicorn from The Land of Nod - it is another prize in our giveaway)

I first found Tnee's Tpees through her Instagram
Her Tpees are so lovely that as soon as I saw them
I had visions of Svea hiding away in one with a pile of books
or imagining up a game with her dolls,
hidden away in her own little world.

(Wooden camera from Bannor Toys - also a part of our giveaway) 

With the help of my hubby, I chose a Tpee to match the playroom
and my office area
and settled on The Remy Tpee.

It arrived just as beautiful as pictured,
if not more
and Svea was all too happy to test it out.

(Headband by Monroe & Harlow and Moccasins by Freshly Picked - also a part of our giveaway)

I loved how easy it was to stand up
and I even chose other items for the playroom
just to match Svea's Tpee.
I am so excited for all the memories that I know
will be made inside of it.

It has been the perfect addition to our playroom
and I've loved seeing Svea play in it already!

Check out Tnee's Tpees to see all of the gorgeous Tpee choices
and find a lovely addition to your little one's play area.

Enter the giveaway below to win $50 shop credit to Tnee's Tpees
and over $500 in other amazing prizes for mommy and mini!
Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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