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Family Gifts Giveaway

For my birthday back in September, 
I received the most wonderful gift from my siblings. 
It was probably the most thoughtful gift I've ever been given by them
and I LOVED it. 
They got me two Phoenix Pogo Passes

Pogo Passes are these amazing passes that get you in to all sorts of 
events, parks, sporting games, museums, and zoos for free for a year! 
Seriously, check out all of the amazing venues here.

Svea is still young enough that she doesn't cost either, 
so we basically can have dates with just Lance and I
or family dates with all three of us!

We have so far been to several of them
and one of the ones we loved was the Sea Life Arizona Aquarium!
With all kinds of neat views of the ocean life there
and interactive exhibits where you can get a look at the life of the fish
and even touch some of them, 
we had so much fun!

One of our favorite spots there
was the Ocean Tunnel where we could see 
rays, sharks, sea turtles, and so many other neat animals! 
Svea was amazed and we loved being able to show her 
this incredible underwater world!

They had a whole exhibit on sea turtles as well
where we got to see many species of turtles that live underwater.
Svea and I even got a first hand look at what hatching from an egg is like. :)

We just had such a great time 
and I cannot even begin to explain
how much I'm looking forward to using our passes 
every single month for the next year
to plan fun dates for our little family
and for Lance and I!

So to celebrate me getting the best gift ever, 
I want to give some great gifts to my readers!

Up for grabs I have three prizes for three lucky winners:

- $20 Shop Credit to A Pretty Life Shop
- $25 Shop Credit to Peanut Brittle Art

Enter in the rafflecopter below to win!

Really want to get some Phoenix Pogo Passes, 
but don't want to pay the $99.99 price?

Enter code PUMPKINTHIEF at checkout 
to get a 60% discount and pay only $39.98
for year long passes!

Happy gift giving!

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