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Spina Bifida Walk N Roll

This month I had the opportunity to walk in the 
Spina Bifida Walk N Roll
to support my little cousin Shea. 

For those who don't know, 
I've been babysitting my twin cousins, 
Haley and Shea, 
just about every week since they were babies 
up until last year. 
I've watched them grow and learn
and I've watched Shea overcome many of the immense obstacles
that have stood in her way because of her spina bifida. 

None of it has slowed her down one bit
and Haley has always been her biggest fan. 
It makes me all teary eyed to think about it all. 
I've been so blessed to be such a constant part of their lives. 

So this walk was exciting for us to be a part of. 
As we arrived we saw crowds of people, 
old and young, 
walking, running, and rolling in wheelchairs, 
and it was empowering to think that they were all there 
because they loved someone, 
just like I love Shea. 

She had a huge team of people there to support her
and I hope she remembers that no matter what point of life she gets to
or how alone she feels, 
she will ALWAYS have a huge team of people who love and support her. 

As we walked, all of the little girls tugged on Svea's stroller vying for her attention, 
but she curled her fingers around Haley and Shea on both sides. 
One of the girls said jealously, "Why is she holding onto you?!"
"It's because she knows them. She loves her cousins," I said.
It's true. 
Svea already loves her family members so much
and I am so grateful that she will grow up with them to be loving examples for her. 

What a neat experience it was to be a part of Team Shake N Shea
and spend time with the people I love
(Shea, Haley, Kendelle, James, Grandma, etc)!

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