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Letter to a Ten Month Old

Dear Little Muppet,

You are now ten months old 
and this month has such a wonderful adventure with you. 

You have hit so many milestones this month 
and we are enjoying it all!
You learned to pull yourself up on things
into a standing position and grab whatever you want. 

You also can walk along furniture
and even let go and stand for several seconds without holding onto anything!

You balancing skills are fantastic 
and I think the only reason you aren't walking yet is that you 
like to walk on your tippy toes and you haven't quite figured that out yet.

Your favorite thing to do now that you can pull yourself up, 
is to stand holding onto one of the dogs (usually Bamse)
and pull on his ears. 
He doesn't mind and usually just sits there happily, 
letting you touch him. 
He loves the attention you give him. 

(Yes, we've had our Christmas decorations up since Halloween ended.)

Sometimes though, 
he has to be extra patient with you because you will reach into his mouth
and just take whatever toy he has.
His toys and your toys both seem similar at this point 
so you just claim them all. 
He gently lets go whenever you do this
and just snuggles you until you put his toy down. 
Then he slowly sneaks it back and resuming chomping on it. 

You use your walking skills to even grab his ears or his toy 
when he is in one of the dogs' lazy boy chairs. 
Bamse and Saga are both steadily getting used to how mobile you are. 
And they both are so patient and loving to you. 

I find you snuggling them all the time
and Saga has to give you a kiss every time you enter the living room. 
It's adorable how you turn your face away, 
but squeal with joy all at the same time. 

Another thing you've learned to do is throw yourself backwards
when you are in our arms. 
Luckily we can pretty much always tell when you're going to do it, 
so we can play along with it and catch you upside you. 
You laugh so hard and you LOVE being upside down.
I'm secretly hoping that doesn't mean 
you are going to be a daredevil. 

You can now clap your hands, 
give high fives, 
and also wave hello and goodbye to everyone!
You get confused sometimes when people tell you do any of the above though, 
because I always say them in Swedish. 
You're catching on though that there are multiple ways to say the same thing. 
I can't wait to hear your little voice speaking Swedish to me. 

You babble all the time with your made up words
and you still come to me saying "Mamma!"
but you haven't said any other real words yet. 

Your crawling has gotten so fast, 
especially if you are hanging out with other people
and I reenter the room. 

You have just decided this week, 
that you favor me a little, 
since you have never really cared who is holding you before.
I don't let you go to me all the time, 
because I want you to be friendly and receptive to our other family and friends, 
but when you get tired and cranky, 
it is rather rewarding to feel all the tension melt out of you when I pick you up
and you simply melt on my chest. 

You are superb at balancing when you sit! 
We can sit you down on little chairs and ledges now 
and you can sit happily, like you are proud of yourself too.

This month your hair has grown much thicker 
and is a reddish, very light brown color. 
When I brush it out, 
it gives you cute little wings over your ears. 
I usually have to sweep your little bangs across your forehead
so that the longer strands don't tickle your eyes.

Your eyes have changed too 
and are now a mix of blue, green, and a tad of brown. 
It's looking like they are going to turn out hazel
or green. 
They are big and bright as ever
and melt my heart daily. 

You still prefer sucking your middle two fingers in the I Love You sign, 
but this month you have also decided to like to snuggle one of your few
favorite stuffed animals 
and rub their ears while you suck your fingers. 
Your favorite stuffed animals right now are your Saga puppy
and your white Nalle that Morfar gave you the day you were born. 

You have one stuffed animal in your bed, 
 one in your nap fold out crib,
one in my bed,
and you cannot sleep at all without a stuffed animals to snuggle. 

Sometimes the best way to calm you down 
is to give you your Saga puppy. 

You also LOVE to steal my glasses, 
slobber all over them, 
and then leave them for me to clean. 
It's a good thing you're cute, you tiny glasses thief!

You still love bath time
and its very therapeutic for you to sit in the water, 
and snuggle me. 
You have one bath toy that is your favorite
and its a little green and blue seahorse. 
You could care less about the rest of them. 

When we get out of the bath, 
the house is pretty chilly since the tile makes it colder in winter. 
You love just getting wrapped in your towel 
and then wrapped in our bed
and warming up for a bit. 

As far as eating goes, 
you are still nursing full time
and slowly starting to venture out into tasting foods. 
You love Cheerios, my homemade cauliflower soup, 
crackers, bread, and gnawing on fruit or veggie slices.

You still won't do baby food, 
but anything that we are eating looks yummy to you
and you like to try feeding yourself. 
Either way, your getting in good snacks each day now
along with the milk you nurse.

Speaking of food, 
you experienced your first Thanksgiving this year!
You devoured one of Great Grandma Johnson's homemade rolls,

flirted with Uncle Joe, 

and loved being carried around and entertained by your cousins!

It was such a fun day!
I definitely reflected on how grateful I am to have such wonderful family. 
You are one blessed little lady to have come into the world with 
so many loving people here to guide and support you.

Other adventures from this month include 
visiting Magda, 
going to a Suns Game, 
walking in the Spina Bifida Walk N Roll, 
watching the Phoenix Temple Cultural Celebration, 
and experiencing your first Christmas season. 

When we visited Magda last month, 
she had been moved to an assisted care facility that was extremely small, 
and had no activities. 
She is already so small and she had lost weight 
and had pretty much lost her will to live. 
It was heart wrenching. 

After months of begging her family to move her back
to the nice community she had lived in for the last 15 years, 
they listened to her and moved her back into a smaller suite. 
I was overjoyed to find her looking healthier and happier 
now that she is living where she wants to!

She smiled so much as she held you and played with you!
I am so glad that she is doing so much better
and that you are getting to spend time with her. 
She is a great woman who has so much wisdom to share. 

 We went to the Suns Game with Morfar, Mathea, and Sam
to help sell raffle tickets to raise money for Morfar's National Honor Society high school students
and enjoy the game. 

You used your waving skills and waved hello to everyone who came to the game
and decided you like the gorilla enough to give him a high five!

 The whole time we watched the game, 
you clapped your hands, 
watched the pretty lights, 
and even shook your booty at Sam! 

It was the first time you had ever really danced to music
and it was adorable!

 We had so much fun and we won the game so it was all around fun!

You were so cute at the Spina Bifida Walk N Roll 
and you can read about it here

Another exciting event from this month was that the Phoenix LDS Temple
was finally completed and dedicated!
On the night before, 
we got to watch the Cultural Celebration performed by thousands of youth, 
including your Auntie Ti. 
It was so beautiful and you sat on Morfar's lap 
and watched happily!

The next morning we got ready and went to Mormor and Morfar's house
to go to the dedication with them. 
Mormor watched you so we could all go 
and then in the afternoon she went to the second session with Morfar at the temple. 

It was a wonderful day to finally have our temple completed 
and I found myself wondering if you would be married in that temple when you find 
the young man of your dreams someday. 

Later in the month, Pappa and I went to the temple 
and enjoyed feeling the peace and guidance it brought us. 
The temple is the House of the Lord
and I married your Pappa there because I wanted to be with him
and you 
and any of your future siblings 
I love you that much.
I hope someday you can feel that love towards the one you will marry.

Finally as December began, 
the weather began to chill, 
and I have loved getting to dress you in hats,
and winter clothing. 

Having my favorite season of the year come 
and having you here to celebrate the birth of our Savior
and the joy of loving others 
has been pure magic. 

You've spent lots of time being loved on by your Mormor and Morfar, 
Mathea, JJ, Sampson, Dia, 
and your great grandparents.
You are always so happy to spend time with others!

 In church you love to play with your friends!
You love seeing Little Doug 
and this month you spent a Sunday playing with Hannah. 

Baby girl, you are the biggest gift I have ever been given,
besides the gift of my Savior. 
Now that Christmas is here, 
I love being reminded daily, 
how much His life means to me
and how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be with you and Pappa forever
because of Him. 
I am so glad that I always get to be your Mamma.

Love Always, 

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