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Goodbye Trimester Two - Hello Trimester 3

So last time I blogged about my pregnancy progress I was on week 31...
Sad I know,
But I do want to document and write about how the third trimester has gone for me.

Let's recap.

First trimester was:
then boring
felt pudgy, but no bump
starving, but sick all the time
horrible dreams
didn't know the sex of the baby
anticipation killing me

Second Trimester was:
most exciting
even more sickness than the first
bump showed up
toward the end so did the stretch marks unfortunately
found out it was a GIRL
relatively comfortable
heartburn annoying me
dreams not as horrible but still vivid
feeling the baby move TONS

That bring us to the present trimester.
The third trimester has been my second favorite of the three.
During the third trimester, I've been so very hungry all the time,
but I've also had heartburn all the time no matter how little I eat.
There is no possible comfortable position for me to be in.
Little Muppet wakes me up an average of  6-10 times nightly.
I feel unable to move and almost claustrophobic in my own body.
Random jabs and kicks to the organs in my chest is really painful...

This was the trimester where I know that I will soon be done.
I will finally get to see her and hold her and love her in real life.
I have loved seeing her on ultrasounds as her features gained their baby fat and taken shape.


I loved preparing her room, clothes, etc.
I made her lots of cute headbands to go with her outfits!

I am over the fear of giving birth and more thrilled that she will come soon.
 I cannot wait to meet my sweet little girl
and I know that this will all have been worth it!

So here's the growth photos and next time I post, hopefully my belly will have shrunk significantly! 

Here is my week 31 growth shot...

Week 32

Week 33

Week 34

Week 35

Then the next belly growth shot...
35 Weeks

Week 36

Week 37

 Then the next belly growth shot...
38 Weeks

And finally up to date at week 39... 
I have a feeling it's going to be this week.
I'm so ready to meet my sweet Little Muppet.

Here we go on our biggest adventure yet!

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