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Little Muppet's First Easter

This month was Svea's first Easter!
I was so excited even though I knew she would really grasp the fact that it was a holiday.
I got our little baskets ready and pretended that she was just as excited as I was!

 Yep she was super excited about her basket!  Ha ha! 
In all honesty, she was a little excited when she discovered that she could chew on the bracelet that she got that matches one that I got.

Lance, being as crafty as ever, made me a sunflower (my favorite flower) from Peeps and some little 3-D bird cages from paper! They are so neat! 

 Little Muppet just liked seeing Mamma excited and having Pappa blow raspberries at her!

After a nice morning with our little baskets we headed over to my family's house to roll up our balls of yarn that lead to an Easter basket. Then we were off to church with my parents and siblings. There we got to think and talk and remember what Easter is all about. It's about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the fact that he rose and conquered death for us. He lives and He loves of and because of Him, we can have a happily ever after! Because of Him, we can be together forever.


We are so blessed! Easter was wonderful!
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Being a photographer, 
I am automatically drawn to anything that I can personalize by adding my own pictures. 
Lockets for example are something I've always loved. 

I have a very favorite locket right now. 
It has a little pink rose on it that I absolutely love. 

So the other day I went to wear it, 
and of course I opened it to glance at my photos inside. 
Suddenly I realized that something was missing. 
Inside was a photo of Pappa Bear and the Chocolates, 
but now I also have a Little Muppet.
Silly of me, but I was so thrilled to add another photo
to complete my little family in my locket. 
I am so blessed to have a locket full of ones I love
and who love me. 

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Black Belt

So here's a fun fact for you all. 
I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
I was a black belt instructor for years in high school. 
I also took a national gold medal in my Tae Kwon Do form. 
But anyway, enough about my glory days.
It's time for someone else's glory days. 
My sister's to be exact. 

Two weeks ago my sister, 
who has worked so hard for years to get to this point, 
went to test for her black belt. 
You better believe proud black belt big sis was there!

Tae Kwon Do is more than kicking and punching. 
It's a art form that teaches strength, self control, respect,  precision, and so much more. 
I remember the feel of being lost in the moves that I was doing, 
so it was no surprise really that as my sister did her form, 
I felt tears well up in my eyes at the beauty of it. 

I did not feel tears well up in my eyes, however, 
when she had to spar three on one. 
Three boys against her.
I was literally afraid for them. 

Sparring is her strong suit and she can defend herself against any odds.
While sparring three guys, she still managed to bloody one of their noses!

Then came the board breaking and she executed her moves beautifully!

After hours of testing, she was finally done! 
What a proud big sister I am!
She has put in so much dedication and hard work
and I love her!

Little Muppet thought her Auntie was so cool that she decided that she wanted to test for her black belt too!

Little Muppet wants to be just like her Auntie!

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A Baby and Her Doggies

From the moment people knew that I was pregnant, 
there was one question that I was asked over and over again. 
"What are you going to do with your dogs once the baby comes?"
Like I was supposed to answer, 
"Oh you know, we'll just get rid of them."
Not so people. 
Not so. 
I knew with every fiber of my being how my dogs would react to my baby. 
I knew how much they would love her. 
 And so I answered to those askers,
"They will be the best big brother and sister ever!"

I waited in eager anticipation of the day that I could not only have my baby, 
but also bring her home to meet her doggies.
 When that day finally came, 
I held my breath as we walked in the door and told chocolates to lie down on the ground.

Pappa Bear carefully sat down with Little Muppet in his arms.
Then he said, 
"Say hi to your new sister."
Bamse eager stretched out his neck to sniff her.
Ever so gently he gave her the tiniest kiss on her ear without smothering her.
Saga waited her turn and then gently sniffed her as well. 
It was obvious that the Chocolates had known something was coming, 
and this was it. 

They knew just what to do. 
Be gentle. 
And love her.

The Chocolates quickly realized just how much they liked this little bundle of fun, 
and they have taken to showing it in different ways.
Saga has determined that the only way to be sure that Little Muppet is safe and happy, 
is to sniff her every time she is taken from her sight and then returned.
For example, 
if I walk into the baby's room to change her diaper and then walk back into the living room, 
Saga has to sniff her. 
Then she meanders off contentedly to sit on her blanket.

Bamse has taken to showing his affection too, 
just differently. 
He has decided that about five steps away from the baby is too many.
If I leave her in her swing, in her boppy, or on a blanket on the floor, 
and take more than five steps away to get something, 
he immediately takes up post next to her. 
The Chocolates are not allowed on our living room rug, 
but when I walk out to grab something and I come back to see this, 
it seems like a dumb rule anyway. 

I'd much rather have him next to her watching over her. 
He will sit next to her for hours just watching her and never moving when I let him. 

So yes, the Chocolates are still as much a part of our family as ever. 
Yes, they have certainly fallen for our Little Muppet. 
Yes, they get over zealous and lick her too much sometimes.
Yes, she smiles because she thinks that these huge beasts are funny. 
Yes, they follow whoever is holding her.
Yes, they whimper when she is crying and they can't get to her.
 Yes, she will have the best guard dogs watching over her as she grows.

I thought I knew the extent of their love when I watched how they loved me,  
and how they loved Pappa Bear, 
but it is nothing compared to how they love Little Muppet. 
I am awed by how they just know to protect her and be gentle with her. 

 I love being Mamma to this baby and her doggies. 

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