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Letter to a Three Month Old

Dear Svea,

You are now three months old. 
Little Muppet you have got to stop growing. 
That is such a cliche mom thing to say, 
and I used to always roll my eyes when people would say it to me.
But really, stop. 
I want so much more time in every phase that you grow into. 

You are incredible.

You are now wearing three month clothes, even though three month footie pajamas are too short for you. You are still tall for your age, but average weight. You are starting to get a little more chub, which is adorable and makes me want to eat you. Your little bum is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

 You still have deep blue eyes and they are mesmerizing. However, I'm sure that they will mesmerize us no matter what color they turn out to be. Your hair seems to have gotten slightly lighter and it is not tameable at all! One day it will lie flat and the next day you will have a fauxhawk and the next you will be Alfalfa. It has nothing to do with me trying to style it. It does what it wants. It's cute no matter what!

  This month you seem to have gotten over some sort of stomach sensitivity. In the first two months, it was incredibly hard to burp you after eating and if we didn't get a burp out you would often throw up all of your feeding. This month your burps have come much easier and you have only had normal small amounts of throw up which is awesome! You get stronger and stronger all the time. You've now mastered sitting in your Bumbo seat so that I can eat my meals with two hands! It's adorable, plus you can watch me when I'm making something in the kitchen and you really love to have a good view and be part of the action.

This month you have had all sorts of adventures. You had your first Easter and I'm not sure you knew what was going on other than the fact that you were just really happy. I hope your Pappa and I can teach you just how much your Savior, Jesus Christ loves you because he conquered death for you.

I won Disney on Ice tickets at a Suns basketball event, so you went with Uncle JJ and I to see the show. I fully expected you to sleep through the entire thing, but to my surprise, you stood on my lap with only my hands to balance you for over an hour and watched intently! You loved it and you cooed your little heart out. You like to babble and make noises now which is the sweetest.

You have grown to love bath time even more (if that's possible). You have started to gently smack your fists on the water and I know it is only a matter of time before you discover the joy of splashing.

 Your Auntie Mathea, Auntie KineBritt, and Uncle JJ (ok ok I was involved too) had a blast dressing you up in clothes belonging to JJ's stuffed bunny rabbit, James. I mean we couldn't help it. How cute is it that you fit (mostly) in doll clothes and in doll furniture?!

You are still the most adorable sleeper I have ever seen, but I have also discovered that you are an active sleeper. You pretty much practice Tae Kwon Do in your sleep and I get beat up a lot.

When you wake up from a good long nap you do this adorable little stretch with your whole body that reminds me of how over animatedly a cartoon character might do it.

 This month was a rather exciting one in regards to dogs.
Saga had puppies! A whole bunch of them! Nine in fact!
You LOVE them!
You can be fussy or upset and I just stand you next to their pen and you stare contentedly for over thirty minutes without making a peep.
Everytime they kiss you you get the biggest smile on your face!
In a few weeks they will be almost the same size as you!

 Bamse has continued his duties as guard dog and kiss giver. If I take more than five steps away and he can get to you, he will. Tummy time is his favorite because you are on the floor and it's so much easier to snuggle up with you. He licks your fingers and you just laugh. You have only just started to make some tiny noises when you laugh.

Basically you've decided that you LOVE the dogs and you get excited when you notice them near you. It's adorable and it's easy to see you have them wrapped around your finger. Even Saga loves you so much that she tries to snuggle you AND her puppies at the same time. Bamse is especially good at letting you do anything your little heart desires to him, including, but not limited to, pulling his ears. He is smitten.

Your Pappa is also smitten.

Your Pappa and I decided when we brought you home that we would start putting you to sleep in your crib when you were three months old. Well now you are and so I sadly rocked you to sleep the other night and put you in your crib. You didn't mind a bit, which somehow made it harder. I finished up some cleaning, and then walked into my bedroom to find this...

Your Pappa just couldn't sleep without you quite yet. The next night you slept in your crib for the very first time, and you were content as ever. I'm not sure whether or not that makes me happy, but it is a good thing.

Your favorite thing that makes you smile right now is when anyone blows raspberries at you or wiggles your legs in a running motion. You also think you are hilarious and you often like to laugh at yourself for sneezing. I can't blame you as I think you're hilarious too.

Honestly you are the most content and sweet little girl.
I don't know what we did to deserve you.

I am so looking forward to the next month of being your Mamma because each new month with you is the new best month of my life. I love you so very much.

Love Always,

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