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Things I Love Thursday: Monroe & Harlow

I like trying new things so here goes!
I'm starting a series of posts called "Things I Love Thursday"
where I will posts about brands/products that I love!
They will have mostly to do with motherhood 
because my that is my passion. 

If I write about your brand/product, 
feel free to snag and post this image.
Thanks for reading!

Today's post of Things I Love Thursday is all about

I cannot even say enough about this handmade business. 
Anikka has built the most amazing business that creates headbands/turbans
for adults and littles!

When I began the search for hair accessories for my coming baby girl, 
I discovered Monroe & Harlow and was just blown away!

There are headbands to match every possible color and texture of outfit. 
They are reasonably priced, 
and you save even more if you customize a set!

The processing and shipping time has impressed me every time I've ordered. 
Not only that, but the fabric is always so soft and stretchy on my Little Muppet's head.
For those precise reasons, the headbands also last longer as she grows because they are not thin elastic that push into her skin. 
So perfect. 

I have loved using Monroe & Harlow headbands for my Little Muppets since she was born
and I look forward to seeing her grow up in them!

Check them out for headbands and turbans for you and your little!
Or if you are a baby reading this, check them out for headbands for you and your mommy!

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Two Year Old Chocolates

In May our chocolates turned 2 years old! 
We have been so blessed to have had them for those two years
and we can't wait for all the years to come. 

Bamse and Saga bring joy, light, and laughter to our home.
They love us.
They adore Svea. 
And we love them so very much. 

We celebrated with some rawhide bones, 
and some homemade party hats. 

Happy Birthday Chocolates!
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Letter to a Four Month Old

Dear Svea, 

It's past midnight as I'm writing this and I should be dead asleep, but instead I'm lying next to you watching you sleep (because we're sleeping at Mormor's house). Your little chest is moving up and down and somehow each breath you take is filling me with emotion. I am so grateful for the life that fills your perfect, intricate body. Everything you are is the most wonderful thing I've ever beheld. You are now four months old. I have such a hard time believing that it's actually been that long since I brought you home. 

At your 4 month appointment (a week after you turned four months old) you weighed 14lbs 3oz putting you in the 60 percentile for children of your age. I assumed your extreme height would level out, but you are now in the 96th percentile for height! I wonder if you are going to be tall after your baby growth spurts. Your eyes are still blue and your hair is still brown but both have gotten lighter so we will have to see what they turn out to be. The suspense is killing me!

You are becoming stronger by the day and you are convinced that you should already be able to walk and run like everybody else. I wish you'd slow down because I know I'll never get this time back. Each time I lay you down you strain your neck like you are going to sit up but you don't have strength or balance to do it quite yet. You also love to take Sunday naps with your Pappa. He's your favorite to snuggle with. 

You also LOVE to curl up like a little caterpillar and play with your toes every time you are lying down. Eating you toes is the latest in gourmet delicacies. 

Speaking of thinking that you are a big girl, you also talk now. I mean not in English or Swedish, but it must be in some other legitimate language since you always seem to know exactly what you're saying. You will sit and have a conversation with anyone, including Peter Parker when we went to see Spiderman 2. We had to walk out with you for part of the movie, but hey at least it was because you were laughing and talking and not screaming. You love to talk to yourself until you fall asleep and I must say it sounds like you are saying pretty funny things that way that you squeal at yourself. You are so happy about everything and it's extremely contagious. 

You only ever cry if you are starving or really tired, but even when you cry you are so cute. 

You are the cutest early bird ever! When we come in to wake you up in the morning you will just be laying there and then we (Pappa or I) start to sing our Swedish "God Morgon" (i.e. Good Morning) song. You get a smile on your face that is so big that you sometimes have to cover your overjoyed, little face. You stretch like a tiny adult and then coo your heart out. 

You are now the drool queen. I have this perpetual soaked spot on my shoulder from you and I must say that I wear it pretty proudly. 

I must admit that I really love to dress you up. You are so adorable, so putting a petticoat or a Swedish bonnet or Freshly Picked moccasins or a Monroe & Harlow headband just makes my heart want to explode.

You rode on Bamse like he was your very own stallion for the first time. I thought he might be annoyed but he actually enjoyed it and turned around every few seconds to give you the gentlest kiss. He is your tummy time sidekick and he loves to be next to you. Saga is always anxious to sniff you when I enter the room with you and then she lays down at my feet in front of you. You also loved snuggling them for some photos for their second birthdays!

You are so intrigued by the puppies and you loved standing by their pen and watching them. When Saga would nurse you would lie on my lap and watch them. She would snuggle you while feeding all eight of them at the same time. You are going to miss the puppies when they go to their new homes. 

Your Auntie KineBritt went to her senior prom and graduated from high school this month. You loved joining in the cheering and the picture taking to celebrate her. You love your Auntie Mathea (Tee Tee), Auntie Kine, and Uncle JJ so much. They all adore you and take turns playing with you and getting you to smile. We've all decided that if you smile big enough to drop your binky then the person who made you smile gets points. 

Speaking of binkies, you take a binky about half of the time and the other half of the time you suck on your middle two fingers. You make the cutest face when you are about to put them in your mouth like a baby shark. Then you flash the sign language "I love you" sign the whole time you suck on them.

This month you flew on your first airplane and rode your first bus. You did extremely well with both and continued to impress us with how quickly you adapt to new circumstances. 

You played on your first beach and went to your first aquarium in San Diego for Mamma and Pappa's third anniversary. You are fascinated by water and animals so these activities were really fun for you. You weren't so sure about the waves at the beach at first, but once we started lifting you over each waves and you noticed that you could slap your feet down to splash, you decided the beach was pretty neat. At the aquarium you looked at so many exhibits and fish that you finally passed out in your carrier that I wore you in. You probably dreamed about Nemo. 

You went on your first family bike rides when Pappa got me a bike for Mother's Day. I wanted it for a while and then we were very blessed to find a coupon for over 25% of on the exact bike that I had been hoping for. The Lord blesses us so much, Svea. He is so good to us even in our small wants. Now when we go on rides you just sit in your Solly Baby Wrap and either sleep or check out the neighborhood. Best carrier ever!

You also got to meet your Uncle Kaj over Skype when he called for Mother's Day. You gave him a big huge smile and I know that you will love meeting him when he arrives home in another year and a half.

You watched your first Disney movie (101 Dalmatians in Swedish) and Bamse and Saga were absolutely thrilled to watch a movie with you that consisted of so much barking. 

This month has been such an adventure with so many firsts and I am so glad that Heavenly Father sent you to me. You are so very loved.

Always, Mamma

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