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15 Favorite Products for a New Baby

The other day I had the task of choosing a baby shower gift for a friend, 
and I realized that for the first time ever, 
I actually had some good insight into what a new mamma might want/need!
At this realization I remembered all of the times other mammas had asked me 
about products, clothes, or handmade items that I used for Svea
and how happy I was to share!
Excited as can be, 
I decided to compile a list of items that I have really LOVED with my little lady!
I searched high and low to find a lot of these items 
and hopefully it makes the search easy as pie for some of my mama readers!

1. Honest: Organic Diapers, wipes, breathe easy rub, diaper rash cream, and so much more. I initially tried SO many brands of diapers and creams and have simply fallen in love with The Honest Company, their products, and their ideals. My little lady has sensitive skin and their products are always organic, cute, and work just right. Their diapers have had the least about of leaks of ANY brand we have tried! I'm talking maybe one blowout a month where we were having daily or weekly blowouts with other brands.

2. Solly Baby Wrap: I cannot even express enough how much I've loved my Solly Baby Wrap! For a new mamma, there is really nothing as rewarding as snuggling close with your teeny new babe. My wrap was perfect for always letting me snuggle Svea close to me while still moving around and finishing things I needed to do. In the grocery store it kept her shielded from things and people that I didn't want to touch her. I can't count the number of times that I simply reached in, adjusted my shirt, and nursed her in public without anyone having a clue. Living in Arizona, the light, soft fabric was perfect for keeping us both cool and comfortable during the summer months as well. I could tuck her legs in if she was cold or let them hang out if she was wiggly. I tried two other brands of wraps before I found this brand and neither one compared to my Solly Baby Wrap!

3. Graco Soothee Swing: This swing was the best for letting my little one nap in when I needed to get work done or shower! She loved being rocked to sleep in my arms and when I needed to put her down, this was perfect to rock her and play gentle music that she really loved. The little bears hanging above it captivated her and I loved being able to adjust the swinging speed depending on whether she wanted to play and coo at the bears or slowly fall asleep.

4. Storkcraft Nursing Glider: Although I love my nursing glider, I haven't tried out many of them, so I'm sure there are a lot of great brands out there. All I can say is, find one you like! As a new mama you will spend a lot of time snuggling your little one to comfort them at night, holding them up when they have reflux or aren't tolerating something well, and nursing or bottle feeding. Having a glider that's comfortable for you, moves with your natural motion of rocking you babe, and fits your body is a HUGE blessing. I got many hours of sleep that would've otherwise been nonexistent thanks to my glider. It moves nicely, is very comfortable, has a moveable pillow that helps with back support, and matches Svea's nursery that I worked so hard on!

5. Freshly Picked: My little lady is a kicker and a mover. She has been from day one! By week two she was standing on my lap, determined to get a view of whatever room I was in or anyone around us. Any socks, booties, or shoes that I tried to put on her teeny feet were immediately kicked off and it frustrated me to not have anything that would stay on and protect her from all of the surfaces she was so determined to stand on. Then she finally got big enough to wear her first pair of Freshly Picked moccs! Hallelujah! Adorable, protective shoes that were gentle on her feet but had elastic that kept them secure around her ankles! They have been life savers! The only thing that will stay on her feet for any amount of time are her Freshly Picked moccs and now (Lucky you!) Freshly Picked makes itsy bitsy newborn size ones! I am so glad that those will be around for my next babe, especially if he/she is as active as Svea!

6. A Pretty Life Shop: For each of my younger siblings, my mom made hand stitched baby blankets that were like miracle blankets. Super soft flannel material kept them warm. Larger than normal swaddling blankets, these blankets gave plenty of extra space for them to use them as they grew. The blankets folded up to a perfect compact travel size. They also were perfect as nursing covers, tummy time blankets, and spit up blankets! My favorite aspect of these blankets, however, was always how much time and love my mother put into sewing and hand stitching each one. When I got older, she taught me how to make them and we both made several of them for Svea. I used them for her night and day! They were perfect for everything and even at ten months old, they still are! They turned out to be so helpful as I used them, that I realized that maybe I should make and stitch them in my own shop for other mamas and babes to enjoy!

7. Little Hip Squeaks: Of all of the clothing available out there for your new, little ones, Little Hip Squeaks is the brand you need to try. Their soft, non-toxic, cotton-blend fabric and adorable, colorful designs have easily made them my favorites. With their rompers, dresses, bodysuits, headbands, etc, there is a huge variety to the clothing they offer and all of it has worked so well for my little mover! When Svea was still brand new, she would often wiggle out of the arm or leg holes of lots of her clothing or get herself tangled up in outfits that were supposed to fit. Her Little Hip Squeaks clothes have always fit her just right and stayed on her body as designed to!

8. Monroe & Harlow/Half Pint Kids/A Pinch of Peach/Sara Ellie Bows: Every baby girl needs accessories right? I have a very specific taste in bows and was very choosey about the ones I bought and made for Svea. I definitely wanted ones that would fit right, be gentle on her head, and not look over-powering. My favorite shops for hair accessories would definitely be these four shops, and all for a different type of headband/bow. Monroe & Harlow has been my favorite for turbans and knot bows made from super soft fabric that stretch as needed while my babe grows. Half Pint Kids has been my favorite for all colors of felt bows on matching colored elastic. They match everything and look so cute! A Pinch of Peach has been my favorite for larger, classy-looking bows made from all sorts of cute fabrics. They are so precious with Sunday outfits especially! Sara Ellie Bows has been my favorite for simple, classic felt bows. They are very dainty on my sweet babe and have the best customer service!

9. Lucy Darling Shop: From monthly growth stickers to cute closet dividers, there are so many things that I love from Lucy Darling Shop. As a new mama, I wanted to have my little lady's closet organized and easy to adjust as she grew. The closet dividers from Lucy Darling Shop are so perfect for doing this and made me so excited to have my little lady as I prepared her closet. After she arrived, everything was much easier to look through and keep track of as she moved up in sizes. Being a photographer and a blogger, I also wanted a fun way to document my sweet girl's growth. Lucy Darling Shop's growth stickers are the neatest! I've used them each month and they are so precious on my Svea. They have so many designs to choose from!

10. Baby Jives: We have several items from Baby Jives because from the first moment Svea saw her cloud mobile that Jahje made, she was amazed. I chose a custom bird mobile to hang over Svea's changing table so it would entertain her during diaper changing and it has been her favorite thing to watch! In the mornings, I sometimes would just leave her on the table and stand by her to give her more time to watch her bird mobile because she loved it so. Anything that got that many smiles and coos out of my new baby was a treasure to me. Since then I added a mini cloud mobile to her playroom and she loves that as well!

11. HoMedics White Noise Machine: Whether you have only one child, making them sensitive to loud noises, or you have multiple children, making it hard to get your new babe a good nap sometimes, a white noise machine is a LIFESAVER! I love ours and we tried all of the settings before discovering that the sound of the ocean puts Svea to sleep in a snap. It has helped her sleep through door bells, barking dogs, screaming kids, and so much more. It's portable, so it's been easy to move to wherever I put her to sleep and I love that she's so comforted by it. Again, this one is a lifesaver for new mamas who need their babes to get some uninterrupted sleep!

12. Mama and Little: Another adjustment I had to make as a new mama, was what I wore as accessories sometimes. Everything I wore (and still wear) would be grabbed, chewed on, and sometimes broken. Discovering Mama and Little teething necklaces has been like the jackpot! I can wear cute jewelry that is made from 100% non-toxic food grade silicone that is perfect for my little one to chomp on! Plus they have breakaway safety clasps so they can't be broken by your little ones excited grasp! (Pictures to come.)

13. Infantino Go GaGa Elephant: Comparable to the oh-so-popular Sophie Giraffe, I discovered Kiki the Elephant at Target when trying to choose a teething toy for my new babe. Svea has always had favorites of the toys she has, and Kiki is definitely a favorite. Before she even really had the control to pick up the toy she would gaze at it, trying to get it into her mouth with sheer willpower. Her other favorite teether toy is the Lanco Natural Rubber Rabbit toy from her Mormor. Both of these toys are easy to to clean, safe to play with, and have been great for Svea at every stage of her growing!

14. Briar Handmade: Since Svea was born in Febraury, it was quite chilly when we brought her home. Wrapping her up to keep her warm worked well, except that she would knock off hats that we put on her. Her little ears would get so cold and this is why I LOVE Briar Handmade. The bonnets I have gotten from Briar Handmade have been perfect to gently tie on and keep her head and ears warm in every stage since she was brand new! Also, it doesn't hurt that they are insanely adorable.

15. Avent Natural Bottles: This was one of the hardest ones for me to figure out. Once my little lady and I got the hang of nursing really well, she truly came to love it. I love it too! However, every once in a while, we needed to use a bottle if I had to be somewhere or if I needed to feed her pumped milk before it went bad. I had at least five different brands of bottles that she refused to drink from or that made her choke or filled her with air bubbles, until I found the Natural Avent Bottles. They are the ONLY bottles that she would drink from as a teeny baby when I wasn't able to nurse her because they are the most natural shaped and let out just the right amount or milk for her. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, these bottles are fantastic. They are truly designed with new babies in mind.

Hope you enjoy this list and it helps you with your new mama wants and needs!

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