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And A Happy New Year

Before New Years came, 
I got adventurous and decided to take my own family photos this year
(with some trigger pushing help from Sam and Dia). 

I was so happy to finally have all of my family members in one place
long enough for me to get some good family photos! 
I can't think of a better way to start the New Year 
than with my awesome family!

I was very happy to take some of them at the new Phoenix Temple too!
It just makes sense to take family photos there, 
because the temple is where families are sealed together forever!

My actual New Years Eve was pretty rough because Svea was sick
and Lance had to work all day, 
but my favorite part was definitely our first family New Years kiss with Svea!
We just can't stop kissing that sweet girl!
I cannot wait to see what adventures this year brings!

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