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Christmas Eve

This Christmas season was extra magical
because it was Svea's first one.
I was so thrilled to share this time of year 
when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, 
with my Little Muppet.

On Christmas Eve, 
we headed over to my grandparents' home for our traditional Swedish meal.
Meatballs, potato, sausage, gravy, brocoli, carrots...
I could go on, 
but I won't. 
I'm making myself salivate.

It is ALWAYS delicious.
We ate our way through that yummy feast with our loved ones
and even caught the sunset outside.

Svea was very excited to have Uncle Kaj 
and Aunt KineBritt home from college for Christmas.
She missed them
and spent lots of time snuggling them both.

Also, Fun Fact:

In Sweden, Santa actually comes to your house on Christmas Eve
and hand delivers your gifts to you.
So in the spirit of our Swedish ancestry,
my Grandma J always opens all of her gifts on Christmas Eve while we're there.

My Grandpa is the hardest person to find gifts for 
so we usually have to settle for a gift that's for both of them
that we know Grandma will like. :)

After our family dinner
we headed home and suited up Svea for her Christmas sleep.
And for the first time since we got married, 
we put out milk and cookies for Santa.

Of course, Svea had to test them 
and make sure we weren't trying to poison him. 

We watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
and as I sat watching Svea play by the tree,
I couldn't help but feel as though my heart was overflowing
at the love I felt for my little family
and my Savior, who came into this world to bring new life.

I didn't sleep a wink that night.
It was like I was eight years old all over again.

Christmas was coming, 
and I couldn't wait!
It's true what they say - 
Christmas is so much fun as a parent!
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