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Temple Lights: A Reminder

In December we had the opportunity to go to the temple lights 
at the Mesa Temple with my family
and it was my favorite visit yet!

We got all bundled up and ready to go since it was freezing!
(You know, for Arizona.)

Once we arrived, 
we headed over to listen to the story of the nativity
where the manger scene is set up.

There were HUGE crowds of people
and I was separated from my family,
but I walked forward
and got to a spot where Svea could see everything.

We listened to the story 
and she looked around at all the lights.

Then I whispered gently in her ear, in Swedish, 
"Look, do you see baby Jesus?"

She followed my finger to see where I was pointing
and suddenly her whole face lit up
and she waved excitedly at baby Jesus.
It pretty much melted my heart
because I could see recognition in her eyes. 
I knew she knew who it was that we were there to see.

After all,
hadn't He been the one holding her in his arms 
ten short months ago?

After we listened to the nativity story, 
we asked someone to snap a group photo
and then wandered to see all the lights.

I've never really taken time to snap photos at the temple lights, 
so since this was Svea's first visit, 
I decided to rectify the situation.
I took lots and I thought they all can out just dreamy.
Svea was just in awe
and I love seeing her be amazed.

Lance was even sweet enough to get some of Svea and I, 
which is always hard work since I like to be behind the camera 
and I'm picky.
He's pretty much my hero.

I loved walking around that beautiful temple, 
where I was sealed to Lance for time and all eternity
and holding our baby to see the sparkling lights, 
reminding us that our Savior is the Light of the World.

After we finished looking at most of the lights, 
we walked across the street and got hot chocolate from a little family there.
It was nice and warm in our frozen hands and frozen bellies.

As we headed back to the car, 
we saw the Waffle Love truck 
(which I had been wanting to taste FOREVER)
and Lance was so excited to finally get a waffle for me
since I kept asking to do that for date night!

My family headed home with Svea, 
so we had a few moments to ourselves to share our 
strawberry and ice cream waffle and watch the lights.

It's in quiet moments like that
when I realize that I am living my dreams
and I am blessed beyond measure. 
Our little temple lights adventure turned out to be just what I needed -
a peaceful reminder of how beautiful my life is
because of the life of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

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