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The Brown Bear

Written and Painted by Siri
Dedicated to Megan, Patrick, Sean, and Miles

Out in the woods something stirred.
A leaf crunched underfoot.
Swiftly she moved through the trees,
Paws brushing over roots.
The brown bear kept her eyes
Searching as she went,
As her two cubs trotted behind,
Her treasures, she’d been sent.
Night and day she guarded them,
She fed them and gave them life.
Those little cubs who followed her,
Were always safe from strife.
She showed them things as they went,
Flowers, and leaves unfurled.
The open sky, the butterfly,
The beauties of this world.
The brown bear looked much smaller
Than most of the other bears,
So she knew she’d have to be stronger,
To fend off hungry stares.
At night the wolves would howl aloud,
And sense the cubs nearby,
But as they neared in any form,
They knew they shouldn’t try.
Up up up, the brown bear stood
Upon her two back paws,
And all the ferocity in her stare,
Raised her spirit to her cause.
Although the brown bear was smaller
Than most of the other bears,
Her spirit was unbreakable,
Her love for her cubs, her only care.
The light inside her filled her up,
And when evil came afoot,
It raised her up and made her strong.
The darkness could not stay put.
When those two cubs raised their heads,
To gaze up at their protector,
A soft light emanated from her fur.
And they were comforted by her.
Though small in size the brown bear was,
She raised herself up inside,
And never was met with a hurdle in life,
That she could not push aside.
For it only took one look to see
Deep within her eyes,
That her spirit was stronger than her body,
Infinite in size.
Under the stars her bear cubs played,
As she hummed a tune so fair.
There was no place her cubs could ever go,
Where she would not be there.
She had filled them daily with her light,
Always to shine within them,
And so she knew they would always be hers,
More precious than any gem.
Her strength was mighty,
Her heart was pure,
Her love greater than any other,
For the brown bear knew that in all the woods,
The bravest name was hers:

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