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The Last Flight & Sweet Reunions

Every year we try to make it up to the Bay Area in Cali
to visit Lance's family and friends there.
This year, our trip was cut short because Lance was in the middle of interviewing for a new job.
We were only able to come up for one evening, 
but it was well worth it!

We got the call the day we left that Lance had been offered a new job, 
so we knew that this would officially be our last free stand by flight. 
We will miss the flight benefits, 
but the opportunity to learn a new industry
and be able make more money doing something he loves, 
is a welcome thing for Lance (and me)!

Off we flew
and on the plane, 
Svea made friends with a little dog in front of us. 
She kept reaching up to pet it
and it would lick her fingers
and she would squeal in happiness,
making everyone around us smile.

When we arrived, our friend, Jon, was kind enough the brave the torrential downpour
and pick us up from the airport. 
We headed straight for a little family owned Italian restaurant
and met the rest of our friends there. 
It felt so good to be reunited with them all 
and hear about their lives!

Lance looks forward to seeing Dave, Scott, and Jon all year long, 
so he was more than a little excited!

The last time we were there, 
I was eight months pregnant. 

This time, 
we had Svea with us to meet everyone
and to play with Aislynn!

Jenn is pregnant with a little lady now too, 
so all four of our little families will have girls this coming year!
Scott and Jenn are going to be great parents!

Sadly, we didn't get to meet little Millie or see Katie, 
but we will look forward to that on our next visit!
We just had to get her a stuffed goat as her baby gift, 
since her pappa, Dave, loves goats so much!

Truly, seeing good friends is one of the surest ways to lift spirits
and find more joy at Christmas!

After dinner, Jon and Tamara let us stay the night with them
so that Svea and Aislynn could play. 
They were too cute as Svea explored the new space 
and Aislynn tried to teach her how to walk and talk.

In the morning we got ready to leave and I snapped a few photos of everyone.
Svea was so happy to have a new friend 
and a new place to play!

Once we arrived at the airport, we said our goodbyes
and realized that,
all too quickly, 
our visit had come to an end in less than a day.

Aislynn gave us lots of hugs 
which was simply adorable. 

We are truly blessed to have such great friends
who want to see us
and accommodate our schedule when we come up
to spend time with us!

Aislynn and Svea definitely have a lifetime of friendship ahead!

Speaking of reunions with great friends, 
I was able to have a little reunion with my ASU girls in December as well!
It was so fantastic seeing them and hearing about all of their latest shenanigans. 
I sure wish all of our wonderful friends lived closer, 
but they all enrich our lives with their love
and we are blessed by it.
Love my girls!

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