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Letter to a 12 Month Old

My Sweet Little Muppet,

It doesn't matter how old you get, 
you'll always be my Little Muppet.

You turning one-year-old is so wonderful 
and yet so hard for me to accept. 

This month was so full of adventures 
and I truly tried my best to soak them all in.
Your birthday rumbled toward me like an unstoppable train.
A train full of lovely things, 
but unstoppable nonetheless. 

You are now 19 lbs and in the 30th percentile for weight.
You're also in the 80th percentile for height
so you're still a tall little lady!

Your eyes are blue with a tiny bit of brown and green in them.

Your hair has grown in so much thicker this month
and I've started doing tiny ponytails and pigtails in it!
It's still a beautiful light brown color
which makes me think that it will turn out 
like your Morfar's quote about your Mormor's hair when he first saw her:

" a chocolate waterfall down her back."

I love every light that shines in your great, big eyes.

You can crawl faster than I can walk
and you make this hilarious squealing inhale laugh 
when I run after you as you try to crawl away. 

You can walk along anything that you can pull yourself up on
and you love to dance.
Sacrament meeting is no longer safe with you on the loose 
to greet everyone in the congregation. 

You are sooo close to walking, 
but you are a very cautious baby.
When you sit down, 
you lower yourself slowly
and you hardly ever fall or trip. 
I'm pretty sure you could've been walking a long time ago, 
but you want to be very certain of yourself before you venture steps alone.

I'm definitely excited for you to walk
because I won't be so worried about you putting your hands 
on the floor in public 
and then putting them into your mouth.
You'll love the freedom!
At church you already follow Little Doug around
and pull yourself up to stand by him. 
You never mind it because you are distracted by wanting to keep up with him.

You also wave to everyone we walk past!
You are so social and you just can't help but smile and wave at people!

You've started eating more whole fruits and veggies
since you HATE baby food. 
The only way we can get you to eat anything mushed
is from those squeeze pouches with a little straw at the top. 
We feed you one for dinner every night 
and your favorite flavor is banana/kiwi/mango. 
Sometimes the only way we can convince you to eat one though, 
is to play your favorite episode of the Muppet Show 
(the one with Harry Belafonte). 

You love to say lots of words and some of your favorites are:

Bam Bam (for Bamse) 
Nej nej (no in Swedish)
Tee tee (for Aunt Mathea)

I love your laugh
and your expressive eyebrows 
and your hilarious smiles!

I thought we were completely over being sick last month, 
but this month we ended up having another bout of sickness. 
It was not fun at all, 
but at least your immune system seems to have gotten stronger. 

This month you went to your first Lee & Jackson day celebration
and (as usual) you were the life of the party. 
You were passed from person to person,
like your Gamla Far Johnson 
and your Great Great Aunt Eva and Uncle Joe,
and you so enjoyed every minute of it.

Sundays are always fun, but difficult days for you and I. 
You miss your big morning nap so we can make it to church 
 and it automatically makes you tired. 
Then you get bored in church and start accepting random purse items 
from all of the ladies in the back of the chapel
and chewing on them. 

By the end of church, 
you are usually clinging on by a thread because you love to socialize.

By the time I get you into the car after the three hour block, 
you are passed out. 
Then the rest of the day pretty much looks like this...

You are a sleep-loving baby girl.

You love to play with your doggies and they are your best friends!
Every time you disappear you are in one of their kennels looking for them.

For your birthday I took some photos of you
and I loved how happy you were about it, 
especially the ones with the dogs. 
You basically laughed your head off the whole time
that they were next to you!

You are so precious.
Your Pappa and I are so very blessed to have you.

Your first year has been the best year of my life 
and our little family of three (plus two fur babies) 
wouldn't be complete without you. 

Being your mamma is such an amazing journey!
I love seeing you leap up to the crib railing and giggling with joy 
when I come in to get you in the morning.
I love seeing you pick up finger foods with your thumb and index finger 
like such a dainty little thing.
I love when you look up at me just to make sure I'm still there.

I love how you wrap your arms around me when I nurse you
and you clutch at me and snuggle me, 
even after you're finished. 
I love how you walk on your tip toes along the couch. 
I love how you grab my finger and place it on your nose 
when I ask where your nose is.
I love all the little details that you've sewn into the fabric of my life...

You make me stronger and happier. 
I love you so much 
and I will always do all that I can 
to help you find joy in life 
and to remember how much we love you. 

Your Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ, love you more than you will ever know
and following them will bring you real happiness. 
You can be anything you want to be. 
You change this world every single day for the better.
Your light fills the hearts of those around you 
and no matter what you do, 
you will always bring light to those around you. 

I am your biggest fan.
Thank you for everything. 

Love always, 


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