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Visiting Halo Animal Rescue

Remember how we collected donations 
for our local no-kill animal shelter?
And she was going to personally deliver them?

Well we were able to set up a time and head over. 
It was such a great experience!

We went to Halo Animal Rescue with our donations
and we got to actually meet a few of the animals there
who are looking for their forever homes. 

When we arrived, I put Svea down 
and she immediately had to walk along all of the glass kennels
waving hello to each dog. 

Some of them barked eagerly
as if willing her to come closer to them as she walked along. 
They all seemed to want a turn being looked at
even if the love was coming through glass.

Some of the dogs had stitches, 
some of them had scars, 
and one was just learning to walk after months of being in leg braces
(his name was Patchy).

I cannot fathom the patience
and enduring spirit of a dog -
some spend a lifetime sitting, waiting, staring through garbage or through bars, 
hurting, starving, or surviving,
simply hoping for the loving touch of a person who might truly be "their human."

There is much to be said about what I have been taught 
by the great people 
in my life, 
but there is almost just as much to be said about what I have been taught
by the dogs who I have loved and who have loved me in return.

At the rescue center, we were able to meet several different puppies
for Svea to play with for a little bit. 

First we met Elroy
who was just so happy to see us!
He was running in circles licking our hands gently
and nuzzling Svea. 

Giving kisses!

This sweet little guy definitely needs a home
where he can finally have his own place to explore 
and someone who truly loves him. 
He did so well with Svea
and I could tell that he would be wonderful in a home with children.

The last dog who we were able to meet
was named Thor. 
This little guy was skin and bones
and Halo is working diligently on helping him gain weight
and find a loving family. 

Thor immediately leapt into my lap and began snuggling me.
I mean he literally wanted nothing but to nuzzle me
and be close to me.
So so gentle, 
yet so eager to be with me.

Svea wandered over and gently played with Thor. 
He kissed her and nuzzled her 
and was so very patient with her tiny hands.

Even when she was on my lap, 
he wanted nothing but snuggles from her. 
She let him sit on her 
and she petted him. 
Even when she decided she was getting up 
and shoved him before I could stop her, 
Thor pushed back gently
as if pleading with her never to make him leave her.

I could see that all he wanted in the world was a loving touch.
I so hope he finds a family who will give that to him
for the rest of his life.
As we headed out, we left a special something from Svea
for the people who choose Thor to be theirs forever.

I know that I will make a lot of mistakes as a parent.
I'm a human.
We are imperfect, impatient, and we do things wrong a lot of times.
But one of the best things that I know that I'm doing for my Little Muppet
is to show her to love dogs
and to raise her with her dogs, Bamse and Saga.

Their love is perfect and patient.
They will never hold grudges or be angry with her.
Just like Thor, 
they are eager each day to kiss her, 
snuggle her, 
and be touched by her.

What a great lesson that is...
That our lives should be considered full 
if only we can be touched by the ones we love,
whether in spirit or physically.

No amount of material possessions, 
travel experiences, 
or anything else, 
compares to being touched by the ones we love.

I hope that I can parent Svea, 
the way that I see our dogs love her every single day.

For anyone considering adopting an animal, 
I highly recommend Halo Animal Rescue.
(Better yet, go adopt Elroy, Patchy, or Thor!)

This weekend, 
March 6-8th, 
Halo is having a special of 50% off on all dogs 
over 40lbs!

Big dogs are the best!
Not that I'm biased. 
(ok I might be biased)

Consider if you are ready to open your home to an animal
or make a goal of when you might be in the future, 
and bring a dog into your life.
You may think that adopting is all about 
giving up time and money for the good of one creature,
but in reality, 
that creature will fill your life
and give you more than you ever give him.

The love of a dog will change your life forever.


Huge thank you to all of those who donated money, food, and treats
at Svea's birthday party so that we could make this trip
and give help to the dogs who are waiting for the right families.

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