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What is a Temple?

There is one place that calms my heart like no other
and that would be the temple. 
If you are sitting there reading this like,
"What the hey is a temple?"
then let me explain. 

A temple is a beautiful House of the Lord. 
It is built with great care and precision 
and then dedicated to the Lord. 

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
who are living in accordance with the commandments of God
may go to the temple to 
feel peace, 
pray for guidance in life decisions, 
learn about the creation of the Earth, 
be sealed to a spouse and/or children for time and all eternity, 
make covenants with Heavenly Father to live worthy to return and live with Him, 
or do baptisms in the names of ancestors who have passed away 
so that they may still have the opportunity to accept that physical ordinance
and learn about the gospel.

When I go to the temple, 
I am overwhelmed with a feeling of peace
and I can't really put it into words. 
It feels as though Heavenly Father is there waiting with open arms 
to calm my troubled soul from the worries of the world, 
and strengthen me for joys and trials to come. 

I am so grateful for the temple, 
especially since the new Phoenix, Arizona temple was recently dedicated 
so close to where I live!

Enjoy a free unwatermarked, high resolution download of the photo below
of the Phoenix, Arizona temple
and feel free to use it as a gorgeous screensaver
or order a large print or canvas of it for your home
to remind you of the peace and eternal happiness that comes from temples.


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