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What to Pack in Your Disneyland Survival Kit

While I was preparing for our Disneyland trip this week, 
I put together some Disneyland Survival Kits 
for my husband and I
and for my BFFs who are going with us. 

I put quite a bit of thought into them
and then realized that I should share them, 
so that packing and prepping might be a little easier
on others out there trying to get ready for the fun!

So here you have it:

In the ones for my friends, 
I included these amazing mister fans to keep us cool 
since the temperatures are going to be in the 80s. 
You can get them at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. 
Super convenient and don't forget to pack batteries. 

I included their favorite snacks
so that if we get stuck in a really long line, 
we will have an emergency stash. 
Snacks with pieces that you can eat 
more slowly and enjoy over longer periods of time
are ideal. 
These included Lays potato chips, 
Oreos Minis, 
Chips Ahoy Minis, 
Reese's Pieces, 
Jolly Rancher Gummies, 
and Dr. Pepper. 
I got all of them from $1 bins 
or in packs of more where I got them or less than $.25 each. 

You can bet that the rest of the time
we will be stuffing our faces with park food...
I mean it doesn't get any tastier than Dole Whips, 
Caramel apples with Mickey ears, 
and any other Mickey shaped food!

I also bought several packs of glow sticks 
and glow necklaces at the $1 section of Target!
It's so fun to join in the glowing fun once the park gets dark, 
but I'd rather spend trip money on food and souvenirs 
than glow sticks, 
so stock up for cheap beforehand! 

For my husband, 
I packed Swedish Fish (again from a $1 bin)
and Nutter Butters. 
I also packed him an awesome Mickey shirt
which I got from UNIQLO
They have some wonderful Disney designs
for adults and kids!

In my kit, I packed a smaller handheld O2 Cool mister fan
that I picked up from Walmart
so that I could easily spray back and forth between myself 
and my little lady. 

I also got some red sneakers from Target
so that I'd have comfortable walking shoes 
that are also stylish to match all of my Disney outfits! 
Make sure to walk in them for a few days before your trip
to break them in beforehand. 

So to sum up, you want to include:

- Mister Fans w/ batteries
- Stylish Sneakers
- Snacks that can be eaten a little at a time
- Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces
- A Drink of Choice
- Disney Shirts 

To make them look cute,
just put the items in a neutral colored gift bag
and cut out a Mickey shape from black paper to tape on.

Enjoy your Disney trip
and check back to see more about our Disney fashion choices for our trip! 
Thanks for stopping by!
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