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5 Things I've Learned about Bloggers from Blogger Meet Ups

Now some of the awesome bloggers that I know
come straight home from a blogger meet up and blog about it. 
I am always on a bit of a delay with each post 
as far as real time, 
but I wanted to share some things
that I've learned from the blogger meet ups that I've attended.
Also, feel free to laugh at the evolution of my hair 
and my pre baby, pregnant, and post baby body
in these meet up photos over the last two years.

So here they are,
5 things that I've learned about bloggers
from Blogger Meet Ups:

1. Bloggers love having fun!
I'm talking photo booth prop playing, 
gut-busting laughter,
dressing up, 
game winning,
dessert eating, 
party decorating

Bloggers are loud and quiet, 
short and tall, 
colorful and classy, 
but they are ALL fun!
It's one of the things we thrive on!

2. Bloggers want to learn.
Given the opportunity, most bloggers will jump at the chance
to learn something new about almost anything -
cultures, talents, techniques...
We want to soak up as much as we can! 
There is so much beauty and creativity in this world
and we see it every time we get online to read each others' blogs, 
so if we get a chance to learn firsthand, 
we take it!

Not only do we want to learn, 
but we are happy to teach as well!
I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say,
"We've all been there."
We've been at the beginning trying to figure out blogging, 
our writing styles, 
our photography techniques, 
our HTML code skills, 
and wondering how to open up to share about ourselves.

More than one blogger has encouraged me
or showed me how something is done
and I have done the same for others. 
It's uplifting to crave knowledge 
and to share what you have. 

3. Bloggers are more "real" than you think.
There are many many sites and memes out there that poke fun at bloggers
for making their lives seem perfect, 
pristinely clean, 
and always joyful. 
Well, I have met them face to face, 
probably a hundred of those bloggers
whose blogs I admire so much. 

Guess what?
They're real people!
I'm a real person!

We post pretty pictures and happy blog posts
because those are the moments that we love to celebrate!
A lot of bloggers are avid seekers of light, laughter, and joy!
Those are the things that inspire us! 
Dirty living rooms are a real thing, 
but they don't inspire us to post about them (most of the time).

A baby's laugh, 
a delicious pastry, 
a best friend at your kitchen table,
a snuggly pet,
a lively destination,
a husband who has reminded you how loved you are...
THESE are the things that inspire us!
We post the hard and the sad things too, 
but we are always being "real" when we post 
about the happiness in our lives, 
because we feel the need to remind ourselves in every single day
just how much we have to love
and be grateful for. 

4. Bloggers are loyal.
I'm talking fiercely loyal. 
I'm talking your-tiny-baby-just-split-her-lip-open-on-the-concrete-floor-
so-that-you-can-at-least-listen-to-half-of-one-presentation loyal.
No upturned noses at the struggling new mom, 
no judgement, 
just honest, kind women looking out for one of their own.

I can't count the number of times that people have searched for a photographer
and a blogger friend has excitedly told them about me. 
I can't count the number of times that I've been too afraid to speak up
because there are people at a meet up who I don't know, 
and a blogger friend has pulled me right into the conversation 
and introduced me. 

Bloggers are loyal
because we understand what it's like. 
We blog about life
and we all know it very well, 
with its ups and its downs,
and so we can't help but reach out to the other
bloggers around us and 
do what we can to build them up.

5. Bloggers are passionate.
No doubt about it. 
It's why we do what we do. 
We love things so much
and find so much depth and meaningfulness
in the details of our lives 
that we have spill them all out into our blogs. 
Whether we blog about 
handmade products, 
overcoming hardships, 
or one of so many other topics, 
we blog because we are so intensely passionate. 

I've found that I belong to a group of people
who are vastly diverse, 
and yet we all feel the same drive and love for what we do. 
We all blog differently
and we are different people entirely, 
yet we share a passion for reaching out into the world
to make it a little more lovely. 
We share a passion for reaching out to each other 
and reminding each other that we are not alone.
It's a beautiful
and amazing 
and reassuring thing.

And I, for one, and so so grateful that we have meet ups 
here in Arizona
to learn about each other
and grow closer together as bloggers
and as sisters.

Photo credit for all unwatermarked Photos to Lydia of Photography Hill, 
Ali Mills of Our Happily Ever After, 
and Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle. 
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