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Reasons To Love the Ocean

My Svea, 

No doubt you will come to love the ocean like your momma has.
It's not a hard thing to love. 
It's simple really,
but all the same,
I want to tell you some of the reasons I love it. 
I did theme your entire room after the ocean, 
so let me tell you why. 

The largest creatures in the world swim in the ocean. 
Their size doesn't necessarily make them amazing,
but then again it does. 

God created every creature great and small
and the creatures that live in the ocean are breathtaking. 
They move with grace and ease
and they are pure works of art.

The ocean is full of mysteries. 
It is the one vast place in our world where 
man cannot explore its depths. 
It's a place for explorers to explore
and wanderers to wander. 

The ocean makes you weightless. 
When you feel weary and weak, 
like your feet can't support your weight 
because the world is on your shoulders, 
swim in the ocean. 
The ocean will lift your weight 
and let you be free, 
like Heavenly Father is cradling you in His hands for a little while. 

Sand between your toes
is one of the most soothing feelings in the world. 
It's perfect.

The smell of the salty air 
and the way the sun sets over the water 
are comparable to nothing else. 
They seem to cleanse your soul
and make you stronger. 

So go, my little mermaid. 
When you are weary 
or you need inspiration
or you want to explore...
Go to the ocean.
Open your heart 
and let your Heavenly Father remind you of how loved you are,
because in a sense YOU are greater than the ocean. 

With all its vastness, 
and artistry, 
YOU are even greater. 
God created you.

He loves every massive whale
and every tiny jellyfish,
and even more, 
He loves you. 

Always remember that. 

Go to the ocean.

Love, Mamma

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