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Teach Them To Love Harry Giveaway Feature: MSC Shirts

Today's featured blog from our Teach Them to Love Harry Potter Giveaway is

MSC Shirts

Matthew, owner of MSC Shirts
has created a fun line of baby onesies that are
all adorable and hilarious!

I personally laughed really hard when I saw the
"Poop, there it is," onesie.
I'm a little kid like that. :)

Matthew has some cute Harry Potter themed
onesies in his shop that fit perfectly with our giveaway theme!
This "I solemnly swear" onesie
pretty much describes everything about Svea.

She is so funny now in the ways she gets into mischief. 
I'll tell her "Nej Svea," (No in Swedish) 
and she'll look at me as if she's weighing the decision.
It's as if she's thinking, 
"How serious is mamma about that no?
Will she come toward me if I keep doing this?"

(Onesie: MSC Shirts, Moccasins: Freshly Picked, Bracelet: Just an Armful of Sugar, Hair Bow Clip: Little Blooms Handmade, Skirt: Shelley Bee Originals, Background Blanket: Perspectives Global)

Most of the time any mischief she gets into is harmless,
but it's her face that just makes me burst out laughing
because she knows she was doing something silly
or something I wouldn't have let her do.
That alone makes this onesie perfect on her!

So of course she is now practicing magic with her Spuni spoon
to learn new ways to get into more mischief
and her Hedwig owl is by her side to help.
I am so looking forward to introducing her to the Harry Potter books
as she grows up because I can already tell that she will love them!

Visit MSC Shirts to find a cute onesie
for the little one in your life
that will make everyone chuckle.

Enter the giveaway below
to win an "I Solemnly Swear" onesie
along with over $600 in other Harry Potter themed prizes!

Second place winner will win a copy
of The Tales of Beedle the Bard
and a plush Hedwig.

May the Elder Wand be with you!

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*This post was sponsored by MSC Shirts in the form of product 
for a review. All opinions, words, and photos are entirely my own.           

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