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Teach Them to Love Harry Giveaway Feature: Tulsa Toys

Today's featured shop from our Teach Them to Love Harry Potter Giveaway is

Dawn, owner of Tulsa Toys,
is another fellow Harry Potter geek who
just so happens to be a knitting genius!

She creates just lovely pieces inspired by
Harry Potter,
Dr. Who,
Hunger Games,
and other fandoms!

When I saw her work on Etsy,
I was just dying to be able to share it with
all of you fellow Harry Potter fans!
I mean her mandrake is the just the cutest!

(And she makes gorgeous Christmas stockings too.)

 As soon as I opened up this mobile
from her shop,
my little girl's eyes just lit up as she touched
all of the intricate pieces.
I knew it would be perfect in her reading nook!

The Harry Potter books sparked
my very first deep love for reading,
and as I learned about how reading could take me to new worlds
and how it could teach me to explore this world,
I grew into the person that I am today.

It seems only fitting now,
that I should create a space to encourage
my little lady to read
and to realize the potential of her imagination
and the power of knowledge.

All the while,
Gryffindor magic will be floating just above her,
reminding her that if there was a boy who lived,
then nothing can stop her.
No evil, or sadness, or pain,
can keep her from being incredible in her life
and accomplishing whatever she wants to.
She radiates light and joy...

Stay tuned to see how I styled this
unique Harry Potter mobile
in our new reading nook
at the conclusion of the giveaway!

Check out Tulsa Toys
other pieces and find something that
will bring a little imagination to
a space that's important to you.

Enter the giveaway below
to win $20 shop credit to Tulsa Toys
along with over $600 in other Harry Potter themed prizes!

Second place winner will win a copy
of The Tales of Beedle the Bard
and a plush Hedwig.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post was sponsored by Tulsa Toys in the form of product 
for a review. All opinions, words, and photos are entirely my own.           

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