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Teach Them to Love Harry Giveaway Feature: Friday We're in Love

Camille, of Friday We're in Love,
is a lifestyle and date night blogger
with a passion for finding adventures in every day of her life!

Camille's love story is truly inspiring
and you've got to go read it for yourself
because there's no way for me to explain what I mean.
She and her husband promised each other to
keep their love strong by
dating each other each week
and she blogs about those dates.

From fancy dates,
to creative dates,
to home dates,
there are so many fun ideas on Camille's blog!

Now Camille is pregnant with her first little babe,
and she posts pregnancy updates as well!
Her journey to becoming pregnant is a touching one
and it makes it all the more sweet to read
her updates as she finds joy in creating this new little life.

In real life, Camille is exactly who she is on her blog. 
She's a driven, brilliant, and loving person
and I'm so glad to met her through blogger meet ups. 

Check out Camille's blog
and find awesome date night ideas in all varieties
and follow Camille's fun pregnancy updates!

Enter the giveaway below
to win an Instax Mini 8 Camera
along with over $600 in other Harry Potter themed prizes!

Second place winner will win a copy
of The Tales of Beedle the Bard
and a plush Hedwig.

Best of luck!

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