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Teach Them to Love Harry Giveaway Feature: Freshly Picked

Today's featured shop from our Teach Them to Love Harry Potter Giveaway is

Freshly Picked

if you don't know by now that I'm in love with Freshly Picked
you can catch up by reading my posts here and here.

Since writing those posts though,
Svea has grown to a whole new phase of her life
known as toddlerhood.
She plays harder,
runs faster,
and puts her shoes through the wringer!

She likes to dance in the rain,
dig in the mud,
run across scorching hot Arizona sidewalks,
step on anything squishy or colorful she sees,
and all while wearing her FP moccs!
Somehow they weather it all beautifully
and I simply have to wipe them clean at the end of the day.

As her mamma,
I love that these versatile shoes stay on her feet
and also give her the flexibility that she needs in this phase.
We've all seen a toddler wipe out or two and they aren't pretty.
Luckily Svea's Freshly Picked moccs
help minimize those since they are comfortably thinner soled
than normal shoes.
She can balance much more easily
and grip the ground with her little toes.

Another awesome thing about Freshly Picked moccs,
is the massive range of colors that you can purchase them in!
It's every mother's dream,
including the Harry Potter nerd mom!
There are so many choices of color and material available.

Freshly Picked moccs have become a daily tradition for us.
In the mornings when I dress Svea,
whether we are going outside yet or not,
she happily hands me a Freshly Picked moccasin
for me to put on her
or she tries to put them on herself.
They're the only shoes she really loves,
which says a lot to me.

Head over to Freshly Picked 
to find some adorable moccs for the active little
in your life and snag a carry all or a shirt for
yourself while you're at it.

Enter the giveaway below
to win your choice of Freshly Picked moccs for your little
along with over $600 in other Harry Potter themed prizes!

Second place winner will win a copy
of The Tales of Beedle the Bard
and a plush Hedwig.

Third place winner will receive a
mommy and mini set of handmade Gryffindor beanies
by Mina Rei Makes Things.

Get your last entries in!

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*This post was sponsored by Freshly Picked in the form of product 
for a review. All opinions, words, and photos are entirely my own. post signature
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