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Teach Them to Love Harry Giveaway Feature: Spuni

Today's featured blog from our Teach Them to Love Harry Potter Giveaway is


Today's giveaway feature is about a company who I've been following
for quite a while as they've gained recognition for their unique item.
Spuni was founded by two parents who wanted to find an easier
and less messy way
to feed their little one.
What parent doesn't want to right?

So they designed the Spuni which is shaped to encourage
a baby's natural sucking motion to learn to eat from a spoon.

After seeing lots of other friends try out Spuni
and love the results,
I decided that I had to try it out with my little spoon-hating baby lady.

Svea has maybe eaten one or two full meals in her entire life 
(1.5 years) from a spoon. 
She can't stand them, 
and instead prefers sippy pouches of food. 
Sometimes, when she is really hungry though
and I'm out of pouches, 
I just want to be able to grind up a bowl of fruit
and feed it to her. 

We tested out the Spuni on a bowl of plums, 
and she let me feed her half of the bowl
and then she fed herself more until she was full!

We've continued using it and 
my little lady has found a little freedom in 
being able to more easily feed herself.

We finish each meal with much less mess than normal
and a much more satisfied baby,
which makes for a happy mamma!

Another fun thing about Spuni are the array of colors they come in!
They have so many colors
and they also have wooden and metal spoons!

We love the wooden ones
and they fit perfectly in
with our Harry Potter giveaway theme.
I mean what baby doesn't want a spoon
that doubles as a magic wand?

Visit Spuni to find a spoon that
is just right for your little one.
I so wish that someone had gotten me these
as a baby gift
or told me about them sooner!

Enter the giveaway below
to win a wooden Spuni
along with over $600 in other Harry Potter themed prizes!

Second place winner will win a copy
of The Tales of Beedle the Bard
and a plush Hedwig.

Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post was sponsored by Spuni in the form of product 
for a review. All opinions, words, and photos are entirely my own.           

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