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Family Night Dessert Idea: Healthy Smoothies

For our family night this week 
we decided to create a new healthy smoothie recipe
using Rader Farms Fresh Start Fusion blend. 
I was introduced to this blend through Influenster
and it was just so simple to create a yummy, healthy dessert 
for our little family to share. 

The recipe I created for our ice-cold smoothies was:

- 2 cups Fresh Start Daily Power Fusion
- 1.5 cups of assorted frozen strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries
- 1 TB sugar
- 1 leaf of kale
- Add water to achieve your desired consistency 

I like our smoothies more icey than watery, 
so I try to add less water. 
Our smoothies turned out deliciously 
and there was enough for Mamma, Pappa, and Little Muppet 
to have our drinks 

 We even had enough pour the extra into our popsicle mold!
They were the perfect snack for my little lady
over the next few hot Arizona days! 

*This post was not sponsored and contains all of my own opinions 
and recipe creation. 

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