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Mathea's Sweet Sixteen: A Vintage Fashion Affair (Part One)

Now I should preface this epic party by saying that a birthday party is always in best taste when 
it reflects the person who is being celebrated. 
My sixteenth birthday party consisted of my friends and I sitting in a circle and playing
"Do you love your neighbor?"
(a hilarious but extremely simple game)
followed by carving ice cream blocks and then eating them.
I feel like that was a pretty accurate portrayal of me at sixteen. 
I was all about baggy t-shirts, no makeup, and having fun with my friends. 
So naturally when my mom asked me to put on my sister's Sweet Sixteen
I knew it would be nothing like mine had been. 

Mathea somehow got all of the fashion genes in the family!
She can recreate any hair style, 
she is a make up Van Gogh,
she looks like she just walked off of a runway 90% of the time, 
and she LOVES to make unique memories with her friends. 
So this party needed to be a reflection of her
to really celebrate where she is in her life at sixteen-years-old. 

After a couple months of planning, 
endless nights of sewing, crafting, and creating, 
the time had finally come. 

I began her birthday week by stealing her away to do a little photo shoot. 
I wanted photo inspiration at the party to match the "Vintage Fashion" theme
so I styled a shoot to tie it all together. 
I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted the flower crown for the shoot to look like
so I collaborated with a local florist, Judy, from The Tulip Tree Florist
to bring my vision to life. 
She created the perfect piece for us 
and I collected other vintage items that I already owned to compliment the flower crown.
The faux furs and romper were pulled right from my sister's wardrobe 
and the vintage dress at the back of my closet had been waiting for just this moment.
The results were exactly what I'd hoped for. 
This is 100% my sister. 
And yes. She is straight out of a fairy tale.

Bucket Hat: Cents of Style

Stay tuned to see the rest of the vintage fashion festivities from the party in Part Two!

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