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Svea's Dog Themed First Birthday Party

For Svea's first birthday party 
we decided to have a party for her that was themed after her very favorite thing - 
her dogs!

So I got to work and put together a black and white polka dot, 
peach accented, 
dog themed, 
first birthday party!

After lots of handmade decorations from materials I found in the dollar bins at Target and Michael's, 
lots of ideas, 
and plenty of planning,
we were ready to celebrate! 
This was the neatest event I'd ever planned 
so I had a lot of fun putting it together!

Our guests arrived to a welcome table 
where they were able to write their favorite memory of Svea during her first year on a card 
to put into a Project Life by Becky Higgins scrapbook. 
Seriously the neatest, simplest scrapbook ever!
The memories turned out beautifully!
There was also a page for people to guess what they 
think Svea will be when she grows up. 

 Next was the prop table and the backdrop that I made
with a "puppy love" banner.
Everyone got to have their picture taken 
and then as a souvenir, 
they got to have a photo taken with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
and keep the photo! 

After photos, 
dinner was served
and it was a menu of dog-themed foods including:

- hot dogs
- puppies in a blanket
- fruit "fetch" sticks (strawberry, mango, raspberries, and pineapple)
- doggie doo - doos (Samoa cookies with hershey kisses on top)
- training treats (peach taffy & rolos)
- homemade ombre peach cake with raspberry filling
- bone shaped ice cubes
- peach colored homemade lemonade (using my Chick Fil A copycat recipe)

Fruit sticks made and painted by me

Glitter Heart Cake Toppers by Tomkat Studio
Custom Needle Felted Girl Doll by Nushkie
Custom Needle Felted Dogs by Mamikoria Miniatures

I absolutely LOVE how some amazingly talented shops like Nushkie and Mamikoria
helped me create handmade pieces for Svea's cake!
It really turned out just how I'd envisioned it!
You NEED to check out their work!

Tassel Garland by Studio Mucci

Dog Drink Stirrers by Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop

Pitcher by Oh Joy for Target

Everything turned out to be delicious!
I miraculously (with lots of help from hubby and my best friends)
was able to get all of the food warm at the same time 
and had enough for everyone to enjoy!

I had all of my chairs out for everyone to be seated 
and had a table set with peach roses and photos of Svea's first year above it.

I decorated the walls with lots of photos.
One wall had photos of Svea with our family and friends
that they could take home with them at the end of the party. 

One wall was decorated with pictures of the dogs that we love
and pictures of Svea's parents and grandparents for people to decide who they think
she looks like so far.
The party consensus was that she looks mostly like me and my dad.
*Fist pump!*
I've always hoped that my first baby would look like they really were my child. :)

The living room was decorated with photos of Svea's monthly growth photos, 
a shadow box that I made for her, 
more peach roses, 
and her monthly growth stickers. 
It all turned out like a dream!

Monthly Growth Stickers from Lucy Darling Shop

After everyone finished eating dinner, 
they played some of the games that I had on the game table. 

One game was 
Guess the Number of Dog Treats in the Jar.
Super simple and easy to put together!

Another game was the Dog House Contest.
Everyone decorated dog house sugar cookies 
that "Snoopy would be proud of!"
There were so many unique creations!
I was definitely impressed!

Another part of the game table was the Adoption Center!
There were some adorable puppies up for adoption
and all of the adoption fees (donations) are being 
I figured that would be the best gift we could give Svea this year
since dogs are her true love.
We made our goal and all of the puppies were adopted!

Another game that we had out was Pin the Puppy Ears on Svea.
We printed out an engineer print of Svea for $5 at Staples 
and I cut out ears from felt. 
It was really funny to spin the kids and watch them
tape the ears all over the poster!

After everyone had played all of the games that were out, 
we went back out front for Svea to eat her cake!
I made her an ombre peach cake with raspberries in it
and I created her high chair decorations from glitter paper
and peach tissue paper. 
It was definitely the best event of the party!

Our little lady did a fantastic face plant right into her cake
and tried so hard to keep her hands clean by licking her fingers
and just eating with her face!

We kept fishing out raspberries for her from the cake
because they were her favorite part. 
Svea LOVES raspberries!

When she had finished all that she wanted, 
Pappa bathed Little Muppet
and we served the rest of the cakes that I had made. 

Meanwhile, we began a rousing round of Svea Bingo
which I created from black glitter paper
and Microsoft Word!
I drew pictures from a little white tin 
and then everyone used the black heart cutouts to mark their spaces.

After Svea Bingo, we played Svea Trivia.
I came up with some fun questions about Svea
and our guests formed teams and did a great job of getting the answers!
We used page protectors with Expo markers and tissues as white boards for each team.

Next when Svea was all clean and dry, 
we had her open gifts. 
She received beautiful books, 
musical toys, 
bath toys, 
handmade clothes from her Mormor, 
adorable outfits, 
and a personalized cake from Aunt Eva.

Pappa and I got her a push wagon.
Since she's obsessed with dogs
and she has to drag one everywhere with her, 
we gave her a few more to replace beaten up ones,
We also got her a stuffed pig who reminded me us
of a Swedish children's movie character that we love.

My favorite gift that we got for Svea
was a personalized board book that I made through Pint Sized Productions.

The book is in Swedish and is titled 
Who Loves Svea?

It goes through all of her family members 
with a picture of her and them,
asking on each page,

"Who loves Svea?"

and then telling her,

"_____ loves Svea!"

It has easily become her favorite book!
She loves seeing all of her family and close friends in it!

Basically Svea's birthday was surreal. 
I felt like my heart was about to burst from all of the love that I felt
from the people who were there to celebrate Svea with us!

We finished off the party with a rousing game of spoons 
(played with dog cards of course).
We announced the winners of the dog treats jar game
and the dog house decorating contests 
and everyone who had won games got to choose prizes from the prize bucket.

As each guest left, 
they were able to take a favor bag with items just for them
including scented pawprint soaps, 
handmade bracelets 
(designed by me and created by the amazing Ali from Just and Armful of Sugar)
puppy lollipops, 
and rolos. 

There were children's favor buckets that contained
dog rubber duckies, 
dog stickers, 
and dog lollipops.
And of course there were extra bags for guests 
to grab treats for their furry friends as well. 

I truly felt like after our home had emptied,
that the rooms were still filled with the love from the people who had come. 
How very blessed I am to know that my daughter is loved so much
and that she will have so many wonderful people to support her throughout her life!
Being parents is the greatest thing Lance and I have ever done. 
We are truly humbled by the things we learn each day
and the great happiness that Svea brings to us. 

Lance's Bowtie by Elena and Christopher

Me: Tulle Skirt by Windsor, Heels by Cents of Style, Polka Dot Shirt by Forever 21
Svea: Tulle Skirt by Teeny Tiddle Tots, Polka Dot Onesie by H&M, Moccasin by Freshly Picked
Hair Bow by Half Pints Kids

Happy Birthday Little Muppet!

All photography by me - Freckled Lemonade Photography
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