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10 Ideas for a Festive Fourth of July Party

For the 4th of July this year, 
we hosted our first major holiday get together at our home!
I was thrilled to have my immediate family come over
and celebrate our freedom and our great country. 
That's what freedom is all about isn't it?
Being able to be with the ones you love
and choosing to live a life that makes you happy.
How grateful I am for the rights and freedoms that I enjoy!

For our get together, 
I wanted to put together a snazzy mix of food, fun, and laughter
and it all came together beautifully!
Here are ten ideas to from our 4th of July Party:

1. Dress the part!
Pull out all of your red, white, and blue clothing
and put it together for a patriotic look! 
We love putting Svea in her Monroe & Harlow headband 
and her stars and stripes Honest diapers
on the Fourth of July.
She and Bamse had a fun snack time/ snuggle session 
before the party.

2. A get together orchestrated by me would not be complete 
without a photo booth. 
For this photo booth, I simply used a blue blanket that we owned 
and twisted streamers across it that we bought for $.50
at the dollar store.
So easy and such a fun way to capture memories of
all of your loved ones from your party!

3. Bullet Pops (aka Bomb Pops) are the easiest photo prop
and treat for the 4th of July!
They are a great way to cool down in the summer heat.
We all enjoyed them, 
and Svea couldn't get enough!

4. Festive red, white, and blue decor goes a long way in making your party pop! 
We bought hot dog plates, a table cloth, balloons, and flowers 
all from the dollar section at Target, the dollar store, 
and the "day of" clearance at Walmart. 
Such great deals!

5. For dinner you can pretty much serve anything that your family loves,
but get creative with the presentation!
We had hot dogs, watermelon, veggies, chips, etc.
Again the serving trays were from the dollar section at Target
and I made the Menu chalkboard for Svea's first birthday party
It works wonderfully for any gathering where I'm serving food.  

6. Dressing up your drinks is always perfect for a party!
I have a set of mason jars that work like a charm every time
and I never have to buy more cups. (Thank you Target!)
I simply grabbed a pack of paper straws that I had saved for just such an occasion
from the dollar section at Target
and used our cute drink dispenser 
to share the ice cold root beer for everyone. 

7. Make red, white, and blue dessert 
like this awesome flag cake! 
It was a pretty simple concept 
that came out amazingly!
(For step by step instructions click here)
With the leftover bits of cake from my flag cake, 
I created really simple cake balls 
and colored the white chocolate that I dipped them in
to make them match the party. 
I'm no cake ball master so they didn't look flawless by any means, 
but everyone loved the taste.
To decorate over the cake table, 
I used a Studio Mucci tassel garland that we already owned. 

8. Games.
No cricket chirping allowed!

We played an M&M game where everyone answered questions
about their favorite things or memories depending on what color they drew from a bag
and I loved hearing everyone's answers!

We also told everyone to bring clothes that they would be fine
getting wet in and we used the new water balloons fillers
to fill red and blue balloons for a water fight.
We filled a kitty pool for Svea to play in as well, 
so that she had a safe haven to play with her water toys. 

After the water guns came out, the balloons were all gone, 
and we were all thoroughly soaked, 
we also created a 4th of July chalk mural to brighten the driveway.

9. Fly your flag. 
The 4th of July is the perfect time to remember to buy and fly a flag for your home
and if you already have one, 
to buy a new one so that you aren't flying a torn flag. 
Most places have great sales on them too,
so it's a win win!
Local boy scouts can help respectfully retire damaged and torn flags. 

 10. Sparkler photos!
Finish off your Fourth of July holiday with a bang!
Set up your camera to a slow shutter speed 
to capture some lovely sparkler photos 
and have some fun writing with light!
My siblings wrote their initials 
and Svea was just in awe of the beautiful sparks.

Happy belated Fourth of July!
Hope these ideas will spark some creativity as your plan 
your patriotic gatherings in years to come!
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